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1. Andy

Disasters that can take away your ability to do your trained job happen all the time. That's why we purchase long and short term disability insurance. Andy needs to find an organization to relearn a new job. There are plenty of jobs out there looking for hard workers. Even ones for people with poor reading skills. With the number of non-English speaking immigrants in the US (as well as people with poor reading skills) many employers are starting to use video training rather than reading as the primary method of teaching anyway. Also, adults are experiential learners (we learn by doing not reading) so Andy can get a job. Will it pay as much? Probably not. But if he is good at it, it may eventually. We are not guarenteed a particular income for our entire lives just because at one time we earned that income.

So what do we need to do for people like Andy? Teach at an early age that accidents happen and we need to be prepared for them.

2. Barry

Where were Barry's parents when all this is going on? So he thinks he wants to get his act together? He may just need to totally hit bottom so that he will be sure if he wants to get his act together. His parents and relatives, if they want to help him, need to put together an action plan to help him. He doesn't have an arrest record and a couple of years of "night" school will get him his GED.

How can we help Barry? Barry isn't in need of our help. Barry needs to help himself.

3. Cheri

Again, where are Cheri's parents? Will they kill her, beat her, lock her away in her room forever, if she comes home pregant? If not, she should suck it up and go home. If they will kill her, then she needs to form an action plan to deal with her immediate problems. Firstly, a second opinion on her health condition. Probably losing the baby isn't the same as definitely losing the baby. Is she a good waitress with a good work record? She should talk to her employer about the problem. Do they have a different job for her where she wouldn't have to be on her feet?

How can we help Cheri? We should have been helping her long before she got into this predicament. She has poor decision making skills and even poor problem solving skills. But what can we do now? A non-profit organization can help with with the short and long term decision making needed to solve her problems. These organizations do not have be funded by the government. People make bad career and family planning decisions all the time. Every community has an opportunity to create a counseling organization to help these people get their lives back on track. It is an excellent volunteer opportunity for people.

4. Denise

Denise has a problem? I mean other than making choices that will make her struggle for a better quality of life harder? I don't think we can make Denise smarter. Although I hear playing Mozart to children at an early age increases IQ. Maybe Denise's parents should have done that.

5. Eliza

Eliza is a very lucky girl. At least her mom didn't kill her and dump her somewhere. What should we do? Don't look for Eliza's mom since she made her decision about keeping her when she left her in the church. Don't let the media know you found the baby. Place her in a loving adoptive home immediately.

6. Fran

Fran is 70 years old. She worked until she was 68 running an unliscensed day care facility. She did not choose to let the government know about her job and never paid any income or social security taxes. She had saved enough money to support herself through her retirement, but lost most of it when some stocks she purchased, on the advice of an expert, went belly-up.

What can we do to help Fran? I don't know, does Fran have a family? Can she find a job helping out a family with their kids, maybe as a live-in? What exactly does Fran want us to do to help her? Give her her money back?

7. Geof

Geof's parents need to help Geof. Find a volunteer tutor to help Geof learn better English. Kid's learn fast. Lots of kid's hate school, get over it. Again,yoohoo. Parents help your kid get happy by getting him involved in something that he is good at to counterbalance the times he spends struggling at the things he is not good at. Don't we all do that? Don't we all have things we hate to do? How do we manage those times?

8. Henry

If he grew up in a Christian orphanage he probably still has contact with them. What can they do to help him? With this work record it is obvious that he need a job with more mentoring and hands on work direction. Encourage him to work in areas that provide the kind of work environment he needs.

9. Ian

Ian needs job interviewing training. I don't know what he was in prison for but he needs to be able to handle questions about his past. The prisons should be providing this. If we are going to imprison people with the idea of rehabilitating them then we should be doing so. As a society we have the responsibility of getting these people ready to work and then being open to hiring them. Will it be hard for Ian? Sure. Impossible. No. But he shouldn't be setting his sights too high on the career ladder.

10. Jerri

This may seem harsh but sometimes we need to hit the pavement hard before we have that "moment of clarity". Time for Jerri to smack the old pavement.

I am a big believer in organizations to help and council and train and support people that are willing to seek out these groups for help. But they should be privately run organizations. The government can't be doing it. Why? Because then everybody ends up trying to run the organization. All the special interest groups (right wing, left wing, you-name-it wing). The groups become behemoths that end up helping no-one but the special interests groups. The people who go to them for help are given a quick fix to their "problems" which result in years of dependence on a system. If anyone of the people mentioned above went to a government run organization for help they would end up spending many years answering to someone in the goverment. Most of the people that are mentioned in this hypothetical exercise seem too nice to wish that fate upon.

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