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1) The French were worried that if we did find any WMDs in Iraq, they
would have found French manufacturer's markings on them.

Why would the French be worried? No WMDs were found...

The country that, through the late 80s, supplied Iraq with biological agents and potentially worse weapons was the United States of America. The following edited excerpt comes from House of Bush, House of Saud, by Craig Unger. I've edited down pages 78 to 81.

"In March 1988 Saddam Hussein dropped chemical bombs on Halabja, an Iraqi town in Iranian-held territory killing five thousand of his own people, Iraqi Kurds..."

"U.S. intelligence sources told the Los Angeles Times that the poison gas was sprayed on the Kurds from U.S. helicopters, which had been sold to Iraq for crop dusting..."

"By the time Bush became president in January 1989, the Iran-Iraq War had ended in a stalemate; there was no longer a reason to arm Saddam..."

But now that he was president, Bush...actually increased U.S. aid to Saddam in an effort 'to bring him into the family of nations.' Incredibly, Bush's policy would facilitate Iraq's development of ballistic, chemical, and even nuclear weapons. Bush implemented it despite repeated warnings from his own administration about Saddam's massive military buildup, human-rights violations, use of chemical weapons, and continued support for terrorism."

"In March 1989, State Department officials told Secretary of State James Baker that Iraq was working on chemical and biological weapons and that terrorists were still operating out of Iraq. In June, the Defense Intelligence Agency sent a Top Secret report to thirty-eight Bush administration officials, warning that it had uncovered a secret military procurement network for Iraq operating all over the world."

"That included the United States. In September of 1989, the Defense Department discovered that an Iraqi front company in Cleveland was funneling American technology to Iraq's nuclear weapons program, but the Bush administration allowed the company to operate -- even after the invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, nearly a year later..." (italics mine)

and from page 131: by July 19, 1990 the State Department had uncovered "seventeen (US/Iraq export) licenses for bacteria that could be used with biological weapons..."

We cannot white-wash our self-serving, double-dealing around the world -- we have supported and supplied rogue states and terrorists in Afganistan, Iraq and many, many other places around the world. I do not pretend that other countries (i.e. France, Russia) are any less corrupt than we are, but that doesn't excuse our own murderous dealings. We are fighting a multi-front war against enemies we cannot and will not see. I worry about our future. I have seen the enemy and they are us and them and you and me.

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