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1. Your prior post did NOT say that the woman would pay for the dinner. Your current post does NOT say that the woman would, should, or ever will pay for the dinner. Deviously, you attack me for drawing a reasonable inference from what was left intentionally vague in your prior post [i.e. who pays for the dinner]. Yet, while attacking me with your current post, you FAIL TO ACTUALLY CLARIFY who pays for the dinner.

Actually, it was someone else's post, so how would Chaconne know who, if anyone, the OP was assuming would pay for dinner?

The woman thinks that, because when she poops, gold coins supposedly come out of her back end, therefore, the decision of whether or not to have sex is totally HER "option."

Not true. I believe that, becase when I poop gold coins come out of my back end, you better stay away from my back end because that's MY MONEY, joker.

Really, are you trying to say that women should not be able to choose when and with whom they have sex? Is that your point here?

Oh, yes--now the victimized male who agrees to go out to this "dinner only" is a "sad sack," is he? Didn't you recently claim that the "nice"/"sensitive" guy is NOT a "doormat"? OK if you want to call that guy a "sad sack" rather than a "doormat", we can do that if you prefer. I think they're essentially expressing the same female attitude towards this guy. [Note: That's YOUR--the woman's--attitude towards the guy, not mine.]

Now you're just freaking out.

By what leap of female, hormone-driven pure illogic did you come to the conclusion that I have a "basic dislike and distrust of women"? I was/am responding to YOUR post(s). Due to my admittedly utter and total lack of "game" [i.e. the lack of the ability/desire/need to agree with silly illogical statements by a woman solely in order to get into her pants], I challenged things that YOU posted.

I'd go with foaming hatred, really. You say that women are dishonest, stupid, illogical, untrustworthy and inconsistent, that they are incapable of providing for themselves ("marriage is a social imperative") and that their bodies are yours for the taking. Is there anything, besides orifices, that you like or respect about women?

It IS true that I dislike women that I find unlikeable, and it IS true that I distrust women who I find to be untrustworthy.

I never claimed that subset was congruent with the set of ALL women, however.

You did, several times.


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