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Who did grip in penmanship and generally the trick to arithmetic but never had much call for baseball.

I thought you were going to have me looking it up too. Then I went downstairs and was making coffee and this song began to stream into my head....along with sparks flying into my head. So I went back to the computer and started playing the CD with my hunch and voila!

Good one man.

The song is "Twelve Volt Man"

Always heading somewhere for the Labor Day Weekend Show....


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I, of course, picked it out because it was the next cut after yours.

But he does seem to have a thing about baseball.

I rounded first
never thought of the worst
as I studied the shortstops position.
Then crack went my leg,
Like the shell of an egg
Someone call a decent physician


Baanista - Who is definitely gowing older and not up.
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