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When I was in school, we read a book called "1984" never thinking this could take place in a nation like the United States. A country since 1776 has prided itself on defending the poor and downtrodden, protecting free speech and provided the best opportunity possible for all Americans on an equal basis.
Today, the reality of 1984 seems closer to home than ever before. By Congressional action, and with the support of our President, we now have a law on the book which will allow people to be ripped from their beds in the middle of the night based on suspicion of being a terrorist. While the law's purpose is allegedly to make it easier to arrest and hold people suspected of possible terrorist activity, it lays the groundwork for the arrest of anyone who speaks out against the government. In effect, free speech will be managed by the Executive branch. And woo to the individual or individuals who speak out against it.
If you think this won't happen, then you no nothing of history. For generations machiavelian personalities have used secret police -- as this country will soon have -- to rid themselves of any outspoken opponents.
Why do I speak out now? Because the conditions have been created for such atrocities to be committed once again -- and in the name of protecting our nation.
While I had hoped our leader would have dedicated himself to righting a desperate economy -- and thereby protecting our way of life, instead he has chosen the way of war as a means of redirecting the nation's attention away from the truly horrendous issues we now face. To begin with, as Dec. 28, thousands of Americans will no longer be able to buy food, pay for housing or medical care. Their Social Security benefits will have run out because the Congress had its collective head pointed in the direction of preparing to spend millions, if not billions, on a war that will not end in days as some have said.
Again, we have not learned the lessons of history. We will soon learn another lesson from history. That is that no one can defeat a people on its own territory no matter how well intentioned. That attempt cost us more thousands of lives in the Vietnam War which ended as it began with the Vietnamese government still calling the shots.
I voice this now in hopes that our President, or possibly others who may still have our precious system of government, will redirect this nation's efforts before it is too late. For if we do not act now, we may lose our precious rights forever.
For remember:
Once upon a man there was a time
And the great bear roared with a bleeding heart.
Once upon a man there was a time
But the man in his thoughtfulness killed the bear
And the sands ran out on the kingdom of Earth.
Once upon a man there was a time
And the horse lay dead in the street
The children played in his blood and plucked out his eyes.
Once upon a man there was a time,
The buildings once filled with happy and busy people lay silent and gray.
The wind blew through the broken windows and the papers rustled.
If this is not to be our fate, then our leaders must take heed and right the terrible wrongs which are about to be committed on a brave and noble people who never have raised their hand in anger but only in the defense of peace.
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