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LOS ANGELES - Magic Johnson has finished giving a speech in a high school gymnasium when he asks the students if they have any questions.

A girl shyly raises her hand and moves to the microphone.

"I don't really have a question," she says. "I just want to know if I can come up there and give you a hug."


Monday is not the 20th anniversary of a death, but perhaps the most stirring rebirth in the history of American sports.

Twenty years after contracting a disease that was supposed to kill him, Magic Johnson is killing the disease by using his celebrity to raise millions for AIDS research.

Twenty years after disappearing from a basketball court where he had won five NBA championships, Magic Johnson has made an even bigger impact on the rest of the world, using his smarts to invest millions into the inner city through his businesses.
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Thanks so much for posting this. As I read the link, I cried because of the incredible achievements Magic Johnson has continued to make as well as his strength in coming out publicly 20 years ago. I barely knew who he was at the time (not a sports fan in general), but he turned into a giant in my eyes and remains a true inspiration.

Lois Carmen D.
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