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Happy Friday to all!

Last evening I watched the movie 28 days. I am curious for those of you that have seen this movie, how accurate is it? It seemed to be a bit fluffed up to me but since I never have been to a rehab center I really can not comment on its accuracy. If there are other movies you would feel are more accurate to the truth of alcoholism and addiction please recommend them.

All comments are welcome


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Gary, I didn't go to rehab either so I can't help you on that point. When I came into AA over 41 years ago, there were no such centers anywhere near me and no one would have sent me to one. My husband objected streniously to my going to AA. After fighting with him for three years over this decision and others, I finally decided I could make it without him. Today, I rarely see anyone come into AA without having gone through treatment - from 28 days to over 365 days for some.
In fact, my cardiologist just recently got back after a stay of 15 months.

If I ever see the film you speak of on the TV, I will certainly watch it.

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