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I ought to check my post office box more often. When I finally got around to doing that today ('cause I was passin' by -- I really didn't expect to find anything but junk mail) I found the POB stuffed to the gills with (you guessed it) junk mail.

AND three checks from Amazon dot com for my ebook TEOTWAWKI: Beacon's Story

I bragged about receiving a check from Amazon earlier this year ($280.24) for Jan-Feb-Mar royalties. Well I'm guessing word of mouth spread from those readers 'cause Apr-May-Jun totaled $4572.57.

Not bad for an old geezer who can't spell grammar without a dictionary.

Desert (lookin' fer a dead tree publisher) Dave
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Royalties were only $911.89 this month. Guess I'll have to start advertising online or something.

I've received a couple more complements on the ebook:
but I guess most people don't realize you can read it on computers as well as Kindles.

I'm not really all that broken up about it since I hadn't expected to make any money off of it.
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