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Hello everyone.

I'm a young, spunky investor and I have high ambitions of retiring in 30 years (at age 50)

I am attempting to construct a portfolio with companies that either have long-term growth potential or good DRIPS. Ultimately, I'd like to live off dividends and passive income when I retire.

I flip-flop between either buying more blue-chips and reinvesting the dividends or buying small-cap stocks and let the companies grow on their own.

Dependable blue chips or market cap growth? Or a new strategy altogether?

note: I currently hold positions in Microsoft (MSFT), Hatteras Financial (HTS), and Apple (AAPL).
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Never refer to yourself as spunky.

Grow your garden - or whatever the term may be.

Take $1,200.00 and invest $100.00 a month for a year in DRIP stocks. Do the same each year thereafter for as long as you like. Then leave it alone and let it do its thing.

The buy and hold mentality may not work for the next decade or so - hence the need to focus on stock reinvestment as the objective rather than rising stock prices - especially if you're young - and you are young - spunky too.

Buy and hold nowadays means you're going to lose whatever profits you make. This last week proves my point. Apple doesn't offer dividends, although it's a great company to own. So I believe the strategy for the "Apples" of the world is to take profits every once in a while.
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