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Did another sprint. Swim still sucks. Good splits on Bike and decent pace on run...
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Nice job! Where are you doing your tris? Can't help you with the swim also still sucks. BTW thanks for keeping this board alive!

I'm still trying to figure out whether I can do a race this year...
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I managed to improve my swimming considerably by practicing some of the techniques outlined in the Total Immersion Swimming program.

Some points that helped me:
- The goal is to swim the same distance but at a much reduced effort. Constantly focus on effort not time.

- Stand outside the water and put one hand straight up (stretched out) and the other hand straight down (stretch out). Get used to that position; this is what you should be doing when you are swimming - switching one arm for another.

- It is critical to get your body balance; so that you can swim / float in the position listed above for a long time with no effort.

- Each stroke should end with a pronounced 'glide' in the position above.

I started out at 22+ strokes / 25m; I am now in the 17 range consistantly and can even get below 15 if I concentrate. All of this improvement is from February of this year. I used to get tired after 200m sets; now I can do 800m sets for what seems like forever; and I get out of the pool refreshed. So yes it really works (if you put the time in). BTW: My 100m splits have improved as well (2:00m / 100 down to 1:45 / 100m).

Just for reference I am signed up for IronMan AZ this November; the training program right now is pretty brutal (10-12 hours per week).


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