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6: "Thank you for this installment of "Why Republicans Ain't Conservative"

I agree.this bunch is not fiscally 'conservative'...

Unfortunately, the last 'lib' left the military so depleted it had to spend billions getting set for any conflict....the military budget was so gutted during the previous 8 years as to leave a force without armor, soldiers without body armor (even though readily availalbe), backlogs of spare parts and provisions..... The military needed an immediate 55 billion just to get set to go into action.....and billions more to replace equipment that hadn't had the funds allocated during 1992 to 2000...things just got robbed to fix others as bandaids.....

Waling the right line between being fiscally responsible and not being is not easy with all the competing interests.....

Now some want to cut off funding for 'necessary funds' to support the money for resupply of inventories (parts for vehicles, parts for guns to shoot back, ammunition, parts for radios so they can keep in touch, batteries for essential equipment, etc). On one hand they want to 'support the troops' but 'starve them out of necessary provisions' so they'll be forced to 'retreat', leaving a genuine mess.

Everyone in congress is guilty of throwing your money and mine around..after all, it is not their money, and they getting elected by bringing home the bacon...bridges to nowhere...museums to almost nobodies that will bring in tourists....research funds for studying bird droppings or mating habits of bats in South America....most of which is nothing but pork pork pork...but people elect them because they 'bring home the bacon' and they want to get 'their fair share' of federal dollars. If everyone is feeding at the trough, everyone else figures they better get in while the getting is good.

It isn't party is whether US citizens can manage to elect candidates who will spend 'conservatively' and not throw money around at 'anything' to fix 'any problem' and absolve 'everyone' for their lack of responsibility in choices in 'everything'.


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