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(video from tonight's ABC World News not available at this posting)
Apps Could Mean Cheaper Prescription Drugs at Your Fingertips
Here’s how the app works: Type in the drug and your location and the app will look for coupons as well as the best price for the drug in your area. Download the coupons to your smartphone or print them out from the GoodRx website. also provides the pharmacy’s number and gives directions on how to get there. The app also alerts consumers when a prescription drug loses its patent, which occurs after 12 years. In the next 18 months, popular drugs Nexium, Celebrex and Symbicort will all go generic.
‘Real Money’: Save Money on Prescription Drugs
1. Check your bill, like you would at a restaurant.
2. Arm yourself with the Low RX App.
3. Go to big wholesalers, even if you’re not a member.
4. Negotiate.
5. You can go directly to the big drug companies.
6. Visit
7. Use an RX Access discount card.

"Healthcare for Less"
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The odds are that the cheapest place to get your prescriptions is the local Costco pharmacy.

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A friend bought a 500k house in Ca and lamented that the developer had contracted for a Costco to be built across the street.

Now, he and his wife LOVE it!

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