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85 in 11 months??? How the Heck did you manage that???

I call it "Bookgrrrl's Non-Intuitive Approach to Fat Loss in Ten Easy Steps For Women Who Are a Bit Broad in the Beam":

1. Eat more food. Semi-starvation causes your metabolism to slow down, and causes your body to hold on to fat cells with an iron grip. If you want to lose fat, you'll need to keep your metabolism humming along. More importantly, you won't have the energy to exercise if you don't eat, and exercise is key.

2. Eat all day long. Eating three evenly-spaced large meals tends to elicit blood sugar swings (dips between calorie-dense meals, surges after - and surges in blood sugar lead to more insulin released into your bloodtsream, which in turns causes your body to hold onto its fat cells with an iron grip). Spacing your food out over the whole day keeps your metabolism working efficiently, promotes blood sugar stabilization, and prevents hunger. However, stop eating after 6 pm or so. Not going to bed full means that you will wake up hungry, which is a good thing, since you want to eat a lot in the morning. More importantly, if your body has to digest food while you sleep, it won't be able to do all the other essential things it must do, like repair damaged cells, clear out waste and toxins, assist your immune system, and burn fat. Yes! While you sleep! And speaking of sleep, make sure you get enough - sleep aids in fat loss.

3. Eat more fat. Polyunsaturated fats like flax oil actually help the body burn fat for fuel. These fats also lower blood pressure and blood sugar, satiate hunger, supply energy for exercise, and slow tumor growth in lab animals (and hence may prevent cancer). See Udo Erasmus' great book, "Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill," for an in-depth scientific analysis. (Health warning: always read all ingredients and NEVER NEVER NEVER eat anything that has "partially hydrogenated" oil in it, including "low fat" ice creams). Dejakester wrote an excellent post on EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) a while ago - dejakester, cue the link!

4. Stay away from refined carbs, such as white bread, white flour products, "white" pasta, etc. Look at the list of ingredients when you buy breads or pasta - if the first word isn't "whole" (as in "whole wheat flour" or "whole grain flour" or "whole grain kamut"), then don't buy it. And don't fall for that "enriched" crap either - "enriched wheat flour" don't cut it. Remember - first word = "whole," or you won't pay good money for it. Also, get the majority of your carbs from vegetables and, to a slightly lesser extent, fruits. I limit lyself to one serving of starchy carbs per day. Of course, I define "one serving" liberally: two slices of whole wheat toast with almond butter, a serving of whole-grain waffles, a pile of whole wheat pancakes, and so on. Nonetheless, I eat my starchy carbs in the morning, and the rest of the day I stuff my face with vegetables and fruits.

5. Stay away from refined sugar. Refined sugar is evil, evil, evil. I have about one dessert per week. OK, so it tends to be an enormous dessert - a huge sundae, a huge piece of pie, whatever. The point is, 6 days out of 7, I don't add sugar to my food. Sugar saps energy, causes enormous blood sugar swings (leading to blah blah blah fat cells with an iron grip), contains no nutrients, and all sorts of other evil things. If you must add sugar to food, restrict it to 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of sugar per day, preferably a plant-based sugar that has not had all its naturally-occurring nutrients bleached out of it (e.g. maple syrup or maple sugar).

6. Don't count calories. The idea that a given item of food has a set number of calories, and that these calories can be definitively "counted," is ridiculous. See Annemarie Colbin's great book, "Food and Healing," for an in-depth analysis. Calorie counting is stupid and unproductive and a huge waste of time (caveat: JMHO).

7. Get most of your protein from these cold-water fatty fish: trout, salmon, tuna, eel, mackeral, and sardines (I remember it as an acronym: T-STEMS). Poultry raised without hormones is also OK in moderate amounts. Avoid red meat - it's a great protein source, but a poor protein package due to all the saturated fat.

8. Begin a program of intense weight-training. No machines, only free weights. High weights, low reps, perfect form. Muscle burns calories while at rest, and hence naturally boosts your matbolism. You cannot get healthy and fit without increasing your lean muscle mass. Once you have added a reasonable amount of muscle mass, your new muscle will begin burning your fat stores even while you are sleeping. Pretty kewl, eh? See for more information.

9. Begin a program of moderate-intensity cardio 3 times per week. When you are fit enough, bag the moderate-intensity routine and begin a program of high-intensity interval training, two to three times per week. Go to and click on "fartlek" for more information.

10. Love yourself. Love your fat cells. Love every little hair on your head. Marvel at how your body does all of its wonderous work so effortlessly. Look at your beautiful legs - ain't they grand? Don't they carry you wherever you want to go? Refuse to insult or disrespect yourself with all that crap you used to do - starving yourself, depriving yourself, ignoring your body's signals. Look, grrly, whatever weight you're at, it ain't your body's fault - your body told you when it was hungry, but you didn't listen cuz you were on some dumbass "diet." Can your body be blamed if, after days of semi-starvation, it drove you insane with hunger and you ended up binging? It told you what it needed, but you didn't listen to it. So whose fault is that? From now on, when you're hungry, YOU WILL EAT. When you're tired, YOU WILL SLEEP. In fact, you will apologize to your body for all the tortuous things you've done to it in the past, all the times you insulted it, all the mean things you said to it, all the times it was begging you for good food and you didn't listen. You will recognize that your body is exceptionally wise and intelligent, and that it will tell you exactly how to lose weight, if only you'll shut your cake hole for a single minute and listen to it.

Bookgrrrl's Basic Principle: your body will return to its natural state of balanced weight, adequate strength and energy, and good health just as soon as you let it by supplying it with the tools it needs to get the job done. In brief: give your body good tools and then just get out of the way.

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