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93 million active registered users. That is a whole lot of people who have taken the time to register with Yahoo. These are prime targets for Yahoo to establish a financial relationship with. Google has a long long way to go to start establishing these kind of long term sticky relationships with massive numbers of people.

What are you going to charge them for? Touting the 93 million
sounds suspiciously like the valuing of companies based upon
eyeballs that was popular a couple of years ago. How are you
going to translate that into a profit?

How sticky is the relationship? How many of those 93M have
bothered to personalize the site? The real question is what
services do the people use. Personally I use an e-mail account
so I have an address divorced from an ISP. I use their full news
coverage. And I sometimes use their stock boards, although using
them is like sticking your hand in a toilet. I have no allegience
to Yahoo, whatsoever, and I suspect that most people are the same.
Usage is wide but thin.

Automated web search was never a Yahoo competency. They have always contracted that out. They also maintain their own human organized directory. I think it's clear that Google is running away with the search engine market, but that is a very small part of Yahoo's business.

Yahoo's human indexed directory is almost worthless. The rise of
Google shows that Yahoo was not keeping their eye on the ball.
Everything that Google is, Yahoo could have been if they had been
concentrating on their business.

Google's database offers immense opportunity for specialized
searches. I sometimes use to look for the best
prices on computer hardware; that could easily be added as a
Google service, much like their news section. Same thing goes
finding prices or availablity of almost any other sort of
categorized goods. Or for finding info on music or movies or
whatever. Once you have the database you can slice it into a
huge variety of paths to find what you are looking for.

Google undoubtedly will not want to duplicate all of Yahoo's
services but they can implement a lot of what Yahoo does using
automated technologies. I'm not seeing much of a moat in a lot
of what Yahoo does.

Do you remember a single newsprint, magazine, billboard, or radio ad you saw or heard yesterday? Or even TV? I think you are dead wrong on this front. Current web advertising is at minimum a better medium than print or billboards. I think it is definitely better than radio.

Well, acutally I do. Not most of them, but occasionally on TV or
radio you see/hear something funny that sticks in your mind. Quite
a few people watch the Superbowl just for the TV ads. Are you going
to be able to build an advertising campaign as effective as the
Budweiser frogs using internet ads?

Today I sat through a ten second full motion Honda Accord that was imposed over the Yahoo news story I wanted to read. Irritating? Yes. But if I wanted the free content, what choice did I have? I remember the car looked sweet and boasted 240 horsepower.

It isn't an accident that internet ads have gotten ever more bothersome. It's desperation. Nobody likes pop-ups. I don't
see much of a future in a tactice that deliberately irritates
your potential customers.

You do have a choice, though. Turn off Javascript and you don't
have to put up with that crap. Up until now Microsoft has refused
to add features into their browser to get rid of pop ups, but
Mozilla makes it easy. It's a feature that anyone who surfs the
web has wanted for a long time and MSFT will eventually be forced
to offer it.

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