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Re: Let's pour billions into defense 49 Political Asylum jwiest 3/27/17 7:09 PM
Re: About that "shooting bears in dens" 42 Political Asylum masonjarjar 3/27/17 5:22 PM
Trump Businesses Owe $1.8 Billion to 150 Lenders 29 Retire Early Liberal Edition RockOYates 3/27/17 8:03 PM
Campaign Trump vs. President Trump 27 Atheist Fools RockOYates 3/28/17 3:05 AM
Trump's Presidential Checklist 26 Political Asylum lindytoes 3/28/17 9:58 AM
Re: Do Black Lives Matter More Than Other Lives? 23 Political Asylum alstroemeria 3/28/17 6:21 AM
Each Maralago trip costs $3m 21 Political Asylum nigelwhalmsley 3/28/17 10:53 AM
Re: Know when to hold 'em..know when to fold 21 Political Asylum alstroemeria 3/28/17 6:33 AM
The Ties That Bi-i-i-i-i-i-i-nd 19 Retire Early CampFIRE 2828 3/28/17 8:54 AM
Re: Krugman: Building on Obamacare? 19 Atheist Fools Wessex 3/27/17 8:56 PM
unwinding the Boa Constrictor's "legacy 18 Retire Early CampFIRE namkato 3/27/17 10:11 PM
TRUMP Sought To Silence Yates, Nunes... 17 Political Asylum NewEchota 3/28/17 10:14 AM
Re: would this be considered a hate crime? 17 Political Asylum Ziege19 3/27/17 7:51 PM
Re: FA'd but here it is again... 16 Retire Early CampFIRE namkato 3/27/17 7:24 PM
Sessions cuts sanctuary cities fed funds 16 Retire Early CampFIRE namkato 3/27/17 5:03 PM
Re: Saul's stock account 15 Saul's Investing Discussions SaulR80683 3/28/17 2:46 AM
Russia Explodes: Where's Trump's Barking 14 Atheist Fools RockOYates 3/28/17 4:02 AM
MAGA 14 Political Asylum PucksFool 3/27/17 9:56 PM
Race based education 14 Retire Early CampFIRE telegraph 3/27/17 8:11 PM
Re: Sessions cuts sanctuary cities fed funds 14 Retire Early CampFIRE namkato 3/27/17 5:37 PM
Re: Do Black Lives Matter More Than Other Lives? 11 Political Asylum masonjarjar 3/28/17 12:35 PM
Re: The gift of the GAB 11 Dividend Growth Investing kelbon 3/28/17 12:19 PM
Re: Trump says Kremlingate is a Hoax 11 Political Asylum kenm47 3/27/17 11:59 PM
To your good health! 11 Humor and Urban Legends AVERAGEJ0E 3/27/17 9:54 PM
Re: Federal Judge Sides With Trump On Immigratio 10 Conservative Fools warrl 3/27/17 7:02 PM
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