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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/29/15 4:59 PM
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Good Afternoon Fools,

I made this post on Stock Advisor and wanted to share it here too:

I continue to come across posts and articles that talk about the overvaluation of markets. As always, there are a swarm of
  • Date: 3/29/15 3:34 PM
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Good Afternoon Fools,

I continue to come across posts and articles that talk about the overvaluation of markets. As always, there are a swarm of "investors" that attempt to "speculate" the market bottom. I see countless
  • Date: 3/29/15 2:42 PM
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Thanks for the update John.

UnrealizedGains expects to be at the top by year-end.

  • Date: 4/11/14 12:43 AM
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Great post, huibs!

Personally, I try to add the same $ amount investment at regular intervals (usually 3-4 weeks). This way, in the long-run, my portfolio's return would not be as correlated with the market from a specific point in time as
  • Date: 3/15/14 8:44 PM
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Lol. Just made a similar post. I guess I was typing while you posted.

Sorry for the duplicate.
  • Date: 3/15/14 8:42 PM
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From UA's Q4 results, we know that only 5% of their revenue came from international sales. A small number when you compare it to over 50% of Nike's revenue coming from international sales. Global markets is definitely one of the places all UA
  • Date: 2/9/14 12:29 AM
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Hi Katinga,

Based on the description of the type of phone you require, I believe you have to give the Sony ZR or Z1 serious consideration. I had worked in the telecommunications industry for 5 years and my last 5 phones from most recent to
  • Date: 1/1/14 8:00 PM
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  • Date: 9/19/13 2:09 PM
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Reason for today's +7% rise:

"Shares of the electric car maker were up 7.7% in midday trading Thursday, approaching the $180 mark, after analysts at Deutsche Bank (DB) raised their price target for the stock from $160 to
  • Date: 8/14/13 7:05 PM
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I will not add to the above, although some responses are very insightful.

To get back on topic, I do agree that the marketing surrounding Hyperloop is phenomenal. For the economy as a whole, Elon Musk releasing the alpha-design to the
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Take me back to where I was.
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