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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/1/15 2:45 PM
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Thanks TMFSpeyside for the informative post! Add to INVN challenges the fact that the value of the data is already very well known up the chain and for them to capture that value they face a different kind of wall. It IS a smart move to combine
  • Date: 9/21/15 3:24 AM
  • Number: 6191
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Hi Jim, I think the distribution question also has to look at how much cash is on hand. I look back at your sale of Netflix with admiration because of your timing. The question of when to sell is important and under covered. I much prefer to
  • Date: 9/17/15 4:56 PM
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Great job TFrisbee thanks! Time for a game of ultimate to celebrate! Long scty tsla
  • Date: 7/20/15 4:37 PM
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I bought 2% I like the ceo's command of the domain
  • Date: 7/9/15 10:27 AM
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Hey NTJ thanks for that tip about James Taylor, I didn't know he was doing that. Nice to see how he actually plays it.

The software driven aspect of GoPro is one of the many great leaps the company has made. GoPro does for movie making
  • Date: 7/2/15 3:32 PM
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About the risk that a phone camera will overtake GoPro: iPhone and iPad have both had the ability to take video for over a year. The SLRs too. Think of charging down the face of a 10 foot wave at pipeline with your ipnone on a selfie stick! You
  • Date: 7/2/15 3:26 PM
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Thanks for the update on GoPro. I agree, but I already had bought a bigger chunk so I will keep that position.
  • Date: 7/2/15 3:23 PM
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Thanks for the update! My BOFI is starting to dominate :-) so I will not add but just let it ride.
  • Date: 8/15/14 6:26 PM
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Thanks Fletch and Matty!

'Management raised somewhere around $50 million in equity during this quarter, which is not a small number for a company with a total (after dilution) of $371 million in stockholder’s equity. However, return on
  • Date: 8/11/14 8:27 PM
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Brendan, thanks! As always knowledge is power.

I have two sidebar questions for you to answer if convenient:

I have a stock to recommend, I know there is place to do it, please guide me to it.

Second question, is it
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Take me back to where I was.
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