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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/26/14 6:08 PM
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The only "group" that is under-represented in prison in America are Asians

  • Date: 7/26/14 1:56 PM
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For a 2ND time, 10,000 people show up in London to protest Israel and show solidarity with Palestine.

10,000 Lebanese, Jordanian, and Palestinian Muslim immigrants show up to protest.

At a time
  • Date: 7/25/14 1:14 PM
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Bill, the actually numbers all come from the Gaza Health ministry which is under the control of Hamas.

Here's the list of all Palestinians and Israelis

Killed Friday, July 25

Maram Rajeh Fayyad, 26,
  • Date: 7/25/14 10:41 AM
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It is simply one of the tell-tale marks of apartheid.

No I wouldn't go there. Thousands of Israelis are married outside of the country to non-Jews. It applies to christian/jewish weddings too. It's an archaic law set down
  • Date: 7/25/14 10:37 AM
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You left off ...."supported and encouraged by a governing body."

Supported? How so? In your rage and fervor, everyone is the enemy. By the way, that Is your solution: Rage and Hate.
  • Date: 7/25/14 10:03 AM
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Israel Civil Marriage Ban Blocks Those Not Considered Jewish From

On the list of the 10,000 things that don't lead to a solution for the Palestinians, that one should rate about 9,999.
  • Date: 7/25/14 9:54 AM
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The schools preach the honor in killing infidels.

ok now you're going off the cliff. There are many who preach hate and violence in this country too. Does that mean they the elected government is preaching anything on the
  • Date: 7/25/14 9:49 AM
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Those terrorists are not a "marginal few". They are a governing body.

As I said above, you missed it, the Israeli youths that were murdered were not murdered by an elected government, it was the action of a
  • Date: 7/25/14 9:46 AM
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So is it murder when Obama kills civilians with drones?


Was it murder when Clinton bombed an aspirin factory.


How about blaming the those that use people as human shields? Israel
  • Date: 7/25/14 9:39 AM
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The duly elected government of the region isn't the "marginal few".

So the Israeli youths who were murdered on their way home were murdered by the "duly elected government?"
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Take me back to where I was.
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