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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/8/16 1:49 PM
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stone..If you think Gore is (was) anything but a disingenuous dollar seeking bloke himself, I think you better get another crystal ball.

Whatever Gore is, we would not have gone to war in Iraq. The budget surplus Clinton handed Bush
  • Date: 2/8/16 8:54 AM
  • Number: 2047963
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Ralph Nader pulled naive voters away from Gore and gave us George Bush by his self aggrandizing foolishness. I find my fellow liberals a bit on the starry-eyed side at times; combined with a failure to keep our main political objectives
  • Date: 2/4/16 6:46 PM
  • Number: 2047339
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Cruz: I am Christian 1st, American 2nd.

After a tsunami of criticism, Ted lost his cool under a media glare today and elevated his normally whiny voice to a shrill, while he shockingly clarified his hierarchy of
  • Date: 2/3/16 12:45 PM
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Ken...That mention is in the 1776 Declaration of Independence, not the 1787 Constitution.

Right you are, my mistake.

  • Date: 2/3/16 11:55 AM
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Cruz..."Are Democrats really unaware that our founding documents explicitly state that our rights come from our CREATOR? As in, GOD. As in, thatís the basis of the entire Constitution?"

Sorry Ted you are lying: The only
  • Date: 1/29/16 7:26 AM
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dope...The problem was a governor who tried to play stimulus fairy and a town utility full of incompetents. The problem states with single party, kleptocratic rule for decades. What, is Snyder supposed to clean up democrat malfeasance that went
  • Date: 1/26/16 6:52 AM
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LM...Sitting in the White House are the never served high on dope prezero and the 5 time deferment VP Biden...his college football team needed him more. 
Chickenhawk prez and Biden? Now that is what is shameful.

  • Date: 1/25/16 7:20 AM
  • Number: 2044651
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low...Obviously, from the below response we can see the fallacy that progressives are not ready, and the obvious truth --- as always the OTHER side is the problem. Nothing but well thought out liberal solutions, that is all we ever
  • Date: 1/25/16 6:43 AM
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From lazy's post....How, then, are the Kochs members of the radical Right? They are pro-gay marriage.

Maybe that's because they are too smart to subscribe to bible bigot American Taliban BS.

They favor liberal
  • Date: 1/22/16 8:13 PM
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This fine post is more than worth an encore.

Actually this post by btresist would serve well as the
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Take me back to where I was.
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