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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/18/17 5:59 PM
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Folacin…George III was born in 1738, so was only 38 at the time, and had been King since 1760 (per Wikipedia). So, the century thing is right out :) .

Right you are. The correct information came from Rick Burn’s documentary
  • Date: 8/18/17 3:27 PM
  • Number: 2171648
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There is a nameless ‘boot’ statue commemorating the loss of Benedict Arnold’s foot. He lost it fighting the British, while he was still an American patriot. It was said at the time that his foot was the only part of him that remained loyal to
  • Date: 8/14/17 8:08 AM
  • Number: 2170729
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Rich white trash.

  • Date: 8/13/17 12:31 PM
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LM…TMF was most likely prompted by the whining and crying from the left at the Improve the Fool Board,

I posted the following and you accused me of whining and crying. Your post got 62 recs. Then it disappeared, along with the
  • Date: 8/10/17 8:29 AM
  • Number: 178921
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Donald Trump is flying over New York City. He looks out of the window and says to his family, "You know what, I'm gonna throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy!"..... His son looks at him and says,
  • Date: 8/8/17 10:26 AM
  • Number: 2170018
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I know you are heartbroken over not being able to damage Obama’s legacy and screw millions of fellow Americans out of health care, but I have a suggestion for you. Next time you try to murder so many people, don’t link your subhuman sham health
  • Date: 8/6/17 12:10 PM
  • Number: 2169820
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newli…Send the Deep State a message.

When reality crushes every wingnut phobia, they invent the mother-ship of all delusions; namely THE DEEP STATE. They don’t know if TDS is a person, place or thing, but they are absolutely
  • Date: 8/3/17 4:02 PM
  • Number: 2169562
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swamp…No one hates like a lib.

Hateful wingnut republicans have just lost in their attempt to end healthcare for 30 million Americans, many of whom would have died.

Hateful wingnut republicans are the party of “extreme
  • Date: 8/1/17 5:30 PM
  • Number: 2169262
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goofnoff…Almost everything Trump does and says is to play demagogue to his Christo-fascist, white supremacist base.

Trump’s attack on gays is almost certainly the brainchild of the braindead Pence. And what I find most disgusting
  • Date: 7/30/17 2:31 PM
  • Number: 2169022
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“This is bigly, the numbers are fantastic. We will start by replacing all the road signs with Russian language signs and requiring merchants to only accept rubles.” Trump said to Meet the Press this morning.

He explained that the
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Take me back to where I was.
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