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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/6/15 12:31 PM
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saunafool...Finally, if the South wants a symbol of freedom they should stop flying a flag which represents slavery and secession. Instead, they should choose a more appropriate symbol of freedom--I would suggest the American Flag.
  • Date: 7/2/15 7:43 PM
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Legalize...It's worth a read.

I scanned about half of it. It is intelligent design in a new summer suit. We do have common ground in so much as even a laymanís understanding of the structure and function of DNA leads us to levels
  • Date: 7/2/15 11:37 AM
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lazy...Who says your destiny is predetermined???

You are a creationist and you believe your god created everything and knows everything.

If he created you and he knows everything, then he knows exactly what you will do
  • Date: 7/2/15 8:13 AM
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1) Stupid racists can't deal with mixed racial classrooms.

2) Stupid creationists can't deal with reality.

  • Date: 6/29/15 6:57 PM
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lazy...If your employer's religion gets in the way of your personal choices then you need to find another job.

If an employer feels the need to impose his own religious demands on people, then he shouldn't complain when his
  • Date: 6/28/15 9:10 AM
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She should claim that god knocked her up; her followers have a long track record of swallowing that yarn. That would also keep JEB from publicly shaming her. Or she could claim that Bill Clinton was the father, in an effort to hurt Hillary's
  • Date: 6/27/15 3:40 PM
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stpat...She was about to get married this spring, but the wedding was called off. I don't know if the father is her exfiance ... but if it is, then her situation isn't as torrid as some are acting.

Maybe he called the
  • Date: 6/23/15 7:39 AM
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Just because the republican party is home to every white supremacist and Klan member, doesn't mean the GOP is racist.

Just because the HURL board is a hot bed of racial slurs by republicans, doesn't mean they are racists.

  • Date: 6/22/15 10:41 AM
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A woman claims she was bitten by Donald Trump's hair. "I was helping him with his jacket and his hair bit me." she said. "It looks like hair but there is something furry living under his comb over. I should have listened to Julie,
  • Date: 6/22/15 10:22 AM
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Blue Grits...per his link..."The Council describes itself as a group organizing for "the interests of European-Americans" and describes black people as a retrograde species."

The OMG irony of racist white trash
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Take me back to where I was.
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