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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/24/17 4:51 PM
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If soccer was a real sport, it would be hockey.

I have to hand it to the NFL. They're managing to honk off fans form every corner of America: those that think Kaepernick should have a job and those that dislike the protests.
  • Date: 9/22/17 4:54 AM
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I never said anyone was being indicted. You made that up.

At any rate, let's review some things:

1. Trump said he was being wiretapped
2. The media said he was lying
3. Turns out he was partially right
4. Susan
  • Date: 9/21/17 2:42 AM
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Waiting for what? You won't read about any of this in what we have for media.

Susan Rice lied.
CNN's reporting tried to cover this stink up.

Admit it.
  • Date: 9/20/17 5:48 PM
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  • Date: 9/20/17 5:34 PM
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...the corrupt Obama regime couldn't stop:

  • Date: 9/20/17 5:31 PM
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...the corrupt Obama regime couldn't stop:

  • Date: 9/15/17 3:15 PM
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She is.
Let's note that the Obamas took Air Force One up on a date night to NYC and they all thought it was cute.
  • Date: 9/14/17 4:40 PM
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Yes, they did. That's why there are pictures and news stories about them.

Really? Then it must be easy for you to link to the PA thread that talks about it.

(Because it's so easy to dig up some random news
  • Date: 9/14/17 4:20 PM
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Do you think there is a difference between a candidate and a sitting President? That might explain the different reaction.

1. Nobody saw these other things, whatever they were. He's trying to pretend there was widespread
  • Date: 9/14/17 3:43 PM
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Every national health system in the world delivers health care at a lower cost than the US. It's not hard to do when the government sets the prices.

I'd suggest you bone up on "price controls" and what they do
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Take me back to where I was.
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