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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/25/15 12:48 AM
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Search yourself.
And learn what hypocrisy is so you can stop accusing others of it. It doesn't help you recover any credibility.
  • Date: 11/24/15 10:21 PM
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The cops also deleted 86 minutes of video from a nearby Burger King.

Say. What politician owns the Chicago cops? I bet I don't see liberals holding him accountable.
  • Date: 11/24/15 9:09 PM
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  • Date: 11/24/15 8:48 PM
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This is the stupidest thread ever.

Do the libs understand what just took place? That area of Turkey has literally nothing in it; it's a finger of land that sticks south. It was two F-16 fighters against 1 SU-24. The 24 is an air to
  • Date: 11/24/15 2:05 PM
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And to follow up:

Mikoyan understood that it would be his task to reconcile his hosts to the loss of all the nuclear weapons which they were promised. He suggested this course of action to the Presidium in a cable written right after
  • Date: 11/24/15 2:04 PM
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Obama has in fact dealt with Putin.

So far, at least, we haven't been blown up.

Not us directly. The Ukranians and Crimeans and the Free Syrian Army certainly have. Oh, and now the Turks and Russians are eyeing one
  • Date: 11/24/15 2:03 PM
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BTW Obama has turned every piece of foreign policy he's touched into complete crap.
  • Date: 11/24/15 2:02 PM
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The issue was Soviet missiles in Cuba. I did a paper on this. This was considered to be an issue of the Monroe Doctrine. So I assume you mean a hypothetical Obama would have backed down and left the missiles in Cuba.

Now please

  • Date: 11/24/15 1:44 PM
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I couldn't help wondering how Donald Trump or Ben Carson would have handled that crisis. Unfortunately, we will not know how a president will function in such a situation until it is here.

But based on their total lack of experience in

  • Date: 11/24/15 12:58 PM
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Here's a graph that helps explain the refugee situation:

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Take me back to where I was.
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