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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/12/11 10:41 PM
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I didn't catch his speech live, but this part is/was exactly the right tone to take:
  • Date: 11/8/06 7:44 PM
  • Number: 1022671
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I must confess I owe a number of you a really big apology.

I came on board in 2002, right when (as the board historians describe it) PA began turning more to the left. I've taken a lot of crap for my positions over the years. No whining
  • Date: 11/14/07 11:14 AM
  • Number: 1139631
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...of kids with MySpace accounts, especially kids with self-image problems, depression, and low self esteem:

  • Date: 8/24/11 1:02 AM
  • Number: 370985
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Fast-forward to the current economic downturn/recession/whatever you want to call it. When the recession hit in 2008, Congress passed a stimulus package of immense size. I believe it was around a trillion dollars? At the time, I assumed there
  • Date: 10/4/09 12:34 PM
  • Number: 48676
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Maybe some of you haven't heard by now, so I'll clue you guys into a special secret:

George W. Bush isn't the President anymore and the democrats have control of the House, the Senate, and the White House.

Now I'll paint the
  • Date: 5/6/09 5:17 PM
  • Number: 41723
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Have you noticed the increase in frequency and virulence of the PA crowd's incursion onto the CF board lately?

I'm wondering if the only way to halt/restrict these incursions is to begin FAing their more obviously inflammatory posts

  • Date: 6/30/06 1:29 AM
  • Number: 10131
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"A Metaphor for Life"
A true story
As recalled by TheDope1.

So it's another beautiful summer evening here in Seattle, up in God's country, the Pacific Northwest, and Mrs. Dope1 and I decide to take the bikes out for a
  • Date: 7/25/06 11:37 PM
  • Number: 29813
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Carl Brashear, the first African American Navy diver, passed away today:

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP)
  • Date: 6/3/09 5:39 PM
  • Number: 1396048
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I said I would praise Obama when and if he ever did anything right, and here is one instance where he's really getting it right:

  • Date: 7/2/10 11:51 AM
  • Number: 60474
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I was not wrong about W. He was a miserable failure as a President and an embarrassment to me and our country. History will show this.

Wong. You were spectacularly wrong about W and what he did for our country. You thought that
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Take me back to where I was.
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