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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/9/18 4:12 PM
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Sadly it wasn't in the "fun" part of Europe.


I love it!

  • Date: 4/4/18 9:28 AM
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Just appetizers.

Hopefully, another culture induced meltdown in a few years.

  • Date: 3/22/18 4:42 PM
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I'm in the air and internet not great

Has Ken freaked out about the "Dow" like usual?
  • Date: 3/16/18 9:16 AM
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I'd advise others to do the same.

The Ruling Class wants a massive World War 3 and at least chickhawks have a chance to hide in a shelter or something.

No need to participate in these profit wars, and wars to
  • Date: 3/13/18 7:29 AM
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I didn't mean sex as in lust and beauty and puppy dogs.

I meant - exaggerated, sensationalized.

"Bomb cyclone!"


Cripes, now it's a "wintery mix!" which basically
  • Date: 3/12/18 8:27 PM
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The *one* thing in America that is more sensationalized than political coverage that controls the minds of idiotic Americans.

The Weather report.

God they've sex'd it up.

  • Date: 3/12/18 8:18 PM
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I really love "The Rising".

Here is an arrangement by STING, which he did at a Kennedy Center Honor night for Bruce Springsteen.

Obama fans will like it too - the President and First Lady are seated next to Springsteen
  • Date: 3/9/18 5:57 PM
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Yes, most.

Like if you said most men are hot and handsome in their own way.

Then there's me. I'm not. So I'd make "most" a true statement.

It's really bad.

When I was a kid I was so ugly
  • Date: 3/9/18 10:29 AM
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Most of you are beautiful and hot in your own unique way.

Happy Women's Day.

  • Date: 3/5/18 3:48 PM
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Yes....amazing episode and scene - - that was with the imported chocolates.

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Take me back to where I was.
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