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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/20/18 10:02 PM
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For days, Trump kept saying that he couldn't do anything about children being taken from their parents at the border because the law required it and he couldn't just break the law.

Unless he was lying about not being able to do
  • Date: 6/11/18 10:11 PM
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Anyone can file a lawsuit, doesn't mean they will get very far.
  • Date: 6/3/18 6:23 PM
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Michael Wacha took a no-hitter into the 9th inning. He gave up a lead off single, though. Still got the win though.

Cardinals 5
Pirates 0
  • Date: 5/22/18 8:41 PM
  • Number: 2207219
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She has a staff and housing and transportation, paid for with tax dollars. She's on the White House website. That makes her a public official.

The public deserves to know how taxpayer money is used on her staff, housing, and
  • Date: 5/22/18 11:57 AM
  • Number: 2207124
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Our tax dollars are paying for it

By that reasoning, then the medical records of everyone treated at a VA hospital should be made public.

she's the President's wife.

But not a public official.
  • Date: 5/22/18 11:48 AM
  • Number: 2207123
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Correlation does not equal causation. I was bullied in school. I never shot anyone.
  • Date: 5/17/18 7:46 PM
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Stan Kroenke's monument to dishonesty has pretty much
  • Date: 5/17/18 7:40 PM
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On a straight up or down vote, I would say yes. But, the way the NFL does it's HOF voting, I could see him being the odd man out depending on who else is on the ballot with him.
  • Date: 5/17/18 7:36 PM
  • Number: 2206500
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Maybe Trump is Hell. Live a horrible life and on judgement day you get sent to Hell and have to spend all eternity talking to him.

I may want to make some changes in my life.
  • Date: 5/17/18 7:28 PM
  • Number: 2206499
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"A person who lounges around all day collecting welfare while simultaneously stealing your job."

Saw that on Facebook today.
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Take me back to where I was.
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