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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/22/14 1:39 PM
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A simple, clear, to-the-point working language

If it were so simple, "ghoti" would not spell fish.
  • Date: 8/22/14 1:22 PM
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The petty DA who brought these charges isn't part of the Judicial Branch of any level of government in Texas.

Why do you say the DA is petty?
  • Date: 8/22/14 1:13 PM
  • Number: 1955558
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So maybe we should just appoint a special prosecutor to every official upon election/appointment.

Even though you are trying to be silly, it's amazing how much sense this suggestion actually makes.
  • Date: 8/22/14 11:35 AM
  • Number: 1955512
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Obama’s most candid comments on race have been just as likely to inflame a significant segment of public opinion as to soothe it.

It's a shame that he's allowing racists to direct any discussion of race in this country.
  • Date: 8/21/14 9:06 PM
  • Number: 1955431
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The A team comes out in the early evening, and its demonstrations
  • Date: 8/21/14 8:06 PM
  • Number: 1955421
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I'm not sure the Officer requires a broken eye socket to show that Brown was a violent aggressor.

Someone thought it was required, that's why they made up the story.
  • Date: 8/21/14 8:02 PM
  • Number: 1955418
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ISIS has become more popular and more powerful than Al Qaeda because Muslims hate other Muslims even more than they hate America.

But for some reason, there are a large number of Americans that can't stand not being first on any list.
  • Date: 8/21/14 10:55 AM
  • Number: 884287
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Let me guess, you were born before 1980.

Thus we are wiser than you and you should listen to us. Spell out the words.
  • Date: 8/20/14 11:39 PM
  • Number: 1955205
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Hope you are right but he is feeling pressure like nothing he has ever felt before

Actually he has felt exactly this pressure before. In 2001, two police officers shot and killed two unarmed men. The officers claimed they tried to
  • Date: 8/20/14 11:01 PM
  • Number: 1955191
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My concern is that in order to avoid race riots and bring about some sort of peaceful resolution to the situation, an innocent cop will need to be made an example of.

Not something the St. Louis County Prosecutor would do.
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Take me back to where I was.
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