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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/29/16 11:13 AM
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The oldest baby boomers would have been in their early 20s by the time we landed on the moon. The space program had been going on for years by the time. With the possible exception of a couple folks from MIT, baby boomers were not responsible for
  • Date: 9/29/16 8:37 AM
  • Number: 40876
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Have we hit bottom yet?

Judging by are presidential choices, I would say we hit bottom with the baby boomers.
  • Date: 9/28/16 9:59 PM
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As the Assistant AD of FIU once told me, they play the big schools for the pay day.

All the more reason to pay the players.
  • Date: 9/27/16 3:17 PM
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I'm with you on Wild Card, but, MLB sez it keeps interest in races until final day and helps attendance...

They're right. In the NL, there are still 5 teams that can claim a wild card
  • Date: 9/24/16 11:39 PM
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This is why FBS and FCS schools should not play each other.

Missouri 79
Delaware State 0

The score was 58-0 at halftime and the teams decided to shorten the second half to 10 minute quarters. Mizzou sat their starters for
  • Date: 9/21/16 9:27 AM
  • Number: 102849
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Nope, not being sarcastic. I'd never heard the term used before. I looked it up. NFL footballs were supplied by Wilson and the words "The Duke" were printed on the balls. However, this was only from 1941 to 1970. In 1970, I was 2.
  • Date: 9/20/16 5:51 PM
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They ran out of beer at the Coliseum during this past Sunday's game.
  • Date: 9/20/16 11:50 AM
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First I've heard of this.
  • Date: 9/18/16 5:17 PM
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<>We just gave away a beautiful oak china cabinet because there was no room in our new house for it.

I would have taken it.
  • Date: 9/18/16 4:49 PM
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I wasn't aware that Detroit didn't have cheerleaders. That means that up to now, the fans have had nothing to see except the players on the field. That's a special kind of torture.
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Take me back to where I was.
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