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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/25/17 8:40 PM
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I never would have expected there was anything a Republican could do that Issa would consider over the line.
  • Date: 2/25/17 3:21 PM
  • Number: 2140505
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But are the wars that are fought actually for the purpose of defending our freedom?

A few of them have been, but most have just been for the benefit of a few rich folks looking to exploit the resources of other nations.
  • Date: 2/25/17 3:19 PM
  • Number: 2140504
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To be honest, I'm not sure that I know what the Russian flag looks like. But I do know what the American flag looks like.
  • Date: 2/24/17 4:32 PM
  • Number: 2140355
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more like stating reality

Not a dimension where the right-wingers reside.
  • Date: 2/24/17 4:29 PM
  • Number: 2140352
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It's just more of the same nonsense that Sarah Palin started. If you don't agree with their narrow viewpoint, you aren't a real American.
  • Date: 2/24/17 4:26 PM
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I never said she was totally unknown, I said that I didn't know who she was. I just don't pay that much attention to pop culture.
  • Date: 2/24/17 8:27 AM
  • Number: 2140271
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You are proclaiming to know what is in the GOP plan. Can you enlighten us?

The GOP doesn't even know what their plan is. But, you can bet it's not going to help the average sick person. Nothing they have ever mentioned is
  • Date: 2/23/17 2:59 PM
  • Number: 2140219
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Wow, that has to be one to longest strawman arguments I've ever read.
  • Date: 2/23/17 2:23 PM
  • Number: 2140210
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That's what Kelly Conway is calling herself now. Following her example, from now on, I will call myself a hirsute bald guy.
  • Date: 2/23/17 12:28 PM
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I'm not like you.
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Take me back to where I was.
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