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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/30/16 9:06 PM
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Nothing compared with the nonsense regarding tanks, where the DoD has more than it will ever need, with huge parking lots in the desert, and MCa for the tank makers keep insisting on buying more. Thank you, GOP!
  • Date: 3/23/16 8:12 PM
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And if Bernie gets elected, his statements about reducing people in jail mean they would all be freed, which is of course, ridiculous, but, then, feel the birn!
  • Date: 3/22/16 2:41 PM
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Ellis Island?

How absurd and mindless is your post.
  • Date: 3/18/16 2:39 PM
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As many people are saying, we are at the halfway point in the primary nomination process.

And the people who set it up must be glad that it is working out as planned.

In the Republican Party, that small minority of super extremist,
  • Date: 3/16/16 5:31 PM
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Yep, I said it. The Left does not believe in freedom of speech and will do anything they can to shut down any speech which does not align exactly with theirs. These facts are indisputable.M/I>

You have your right to an opinion, even

  • Date: 3/6/16 2:41 PM
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Thank you. Powerful endorsement is the guttersniping Hilaryhaters have not disparaged and mocked you as being a fellow moron.
  • Date: 3/3/16 2:58 PM
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Help me out here. As I read articles about people who support Trump, the bottom line is most commonly: "He can do the job."

What job is that?

Trump is a very rich man. Has been so all his life. So never had to work or
  • Date: 3/2/16 1:50 PM
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Your OP is repugnant in myriad ways.

No one says that the truth cannot be hard to confront. Of course, it is easier simply to reject it -- like global warming, the danger of tobacco, etc. -- than to open one's mind to the possibility
  • Date: 2/24/16 1:40 PM
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I'd say they didn't back into a corner. They drove headlong into it.

Since 2009 McConnell has been willing to put his hatred of Obama ahead of his love for country.

But he did this so fast, if we assume he gave it any thought, he
  • Date: 2/24/16 1:35 PM
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So far the Citizens United case has worked to the advantage of Democrats. I'm curious how those on the left feel about that.

I'd say its been a self-defeating exercise. It has clotted the Republican process with many
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Take me back to where I was.
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