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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/25/16 12:56 AM
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Nigel Farage and his buddies, with all that marvelous oratory, have dragged Britain into a mess and then all gleefully slunk off and left others, who didn't even WANT the exit, to clean up or try to work through all the resulting poop.
  • Date: 8/25/16 12:02 AM
  • Number: 2098106
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What does Jedi's post mean? Can someone enlighten me?
  • Date: 8/22/16 12:16 AM
  • Number: 840690
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54 words in your second sentence, and I can't really understand your lengthy burble.

Of course that's because "stupid"... not really smart. I'm a member of Mensa, and worked hard on an incomplete Ph.D. but that's
  • Date: 8/18/16 5:38 PM
  • Number: 2096371
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Have you ever lived in a country where there is socialized medicine? I doubt it. You make so many asinine comments about health care...."enslave other people to pay...." ??????

I grew up in New Zealand,studied and
  • Date: 8/14/16 2:48 PM
  • Number: 839930
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Why do you spread such false information and poisonous slander? Are you planning to follow Trump onto a podium?

I hope you retract your false information and apologize to gullible readers.
  • Date: 8/13/16 6:00 PM
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What is this about?

Jedi gets me very confused.
  • Date: 8/12/16 12:07 AM
  • Number: 895068
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"Personally, this sounds abusive to me.

Just because there is a perhaps temporary surplus in an earmarked account doesn't justify spending it on something else, in my opinion.

Seattle Pioneer"

I don't
  • Date: 8/11/16 1:59 PM
  • Number: 2094366
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The probes keep going, the government enquiries cost millions, and nothing factual emerges, so Repugs smear, smear, smear...and keep digging.
  • Date: 8/11/16 12:12 PM
  • Number: 166359
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Ouch Chili! I only learned to lock my front door in our suburb a few years ago!

In Minneapolis we had to hunt to find the front door key, when we sold that house....and here in the Old People's Home we don't bother to lock either
  • Date: 8/10/16 11:42 PM
  • Number: 895055
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Through most of my married life I have had what we called a grocery allowance,in our budget, which arrives weekly in a separate bank account for my household expenses. It was always very reasonable, and COLA adjusted.

When we moved to the
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Take me back to where I was.
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