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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/25/15 6:52 PM
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Shepherds Pie is always easy and hearty...

Cook up (separately for carrots and peas),some hamburger, onions, carrots, peas
Add a thick gravy to the cooked stuff above and put in casserole dish.
Make your very best mashed potatoes
  • Date: 2/20/15 7:15 PM
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My previous post was supposed to go to the Boomers Board, and was not suitable for this board at all.....

My bad.
  • Date: 2/20/15 4:09 PM
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I live in an Old People's Home. People decorate their front doors.

This morning a new scientific fact was posted on a neighbor's door.

"Grandparents are so easy to operate even a child can do it"
  • Date: 2/16/15 7:06 PM
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Yeah well, we need your snow and any water possible.

It was 74 F today I think, and the air conditioning in my car is not working. I had gone with my husband to the nursery to get was my Valentine's Day gift on the 14th, and
  • Date: 2/7/15 1:25 PM
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Some countries believe that good health is a people's right and a national in Australia my sister pays taxes which she believes will go to the good of all.

Now though her husband needed nearly 7 weeks in hospital,
  • Date: 2/6/15 2:09 PM
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So I've just ordered it on Amazon.

To be honest, Angel May, it doesn't sound a happy book. It may drive me whimpering back to Harlequin romances to get soothed. Reality can be harsh!

Still enjoys reading.
  • Date: 2/4/15 10:24 PM
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When we had to downsize from our house of 35 years ( raised family etc) to the current Old People's Home apartment (3 bedrooms,2 baths but no storage to speak of) we had good advice from a friend.

We hired a lovely service, run by women,
  • Date: 1/31/15 1:57 PM
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I've begun to realize in my old age that I am a dull little old lady ( well, "little" is not true) who has done NOTHING with the advantages of good loving family with distinguished history, good education, great opportunities that life
  • Date: 1/11/15 11:47 PM
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I just got back to the board...Thanks everyone for the good wishes! And yes Jaagu, there is a lot to love about train travel! We've done it in Europe, we've crossed Canada in their fabulous trains..but Amtrak is sometimes a different
  • Date: 1/8/15 11:24 PM
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We're doing a train trip from East Bay San Francisco to New Orleans...3 days on trains, followed by a week's cruise in the Caribbean, all because of DH's business convention.

Then, for the first time since his horrendous accident, we are
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Take me back to where I was.
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