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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/24/15 8:05 PM
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DH and I had already mentioned you over last Friday's Shabbat candles...(tradition and love despite the fact I'm a Jewish agnostic...)

May you stay strong, become healthy surrounded and supported by love....(and by good doctors!) You are
  • Date: 3/21/15 6:38 PM
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Over the years I have wasted a lot of time reading your posts, much to my regret.

As a Fool who actually understands the meaning of the world "apartheid", a person who has many close contacts with Israelis, a person who despite
  • Date: 3/18/15 7:48 PM
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Dear PF,
I'm with you About Karajan.... tho I haven't heard that recording yet..

I felt he was always so d...... slow, and, as a much younger concert goer I used to sit in the Festival Hall ( London) when he was conducting, and
  • Date: 3/18/15 6:57 PM
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Wow CountNoCount!

Had no idea you were in San Mateo...always thought you lived in Bumkaffia.
We moved from San Mateo/Foster City last year and we are having SUCH a good time.(DH is not retired yet but only becos he loves his work) If
  • Date: 3/18/15 11:36 AM
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Warning...a little "preachy"

If what you say about Costco using Visa is true, I am thrilled to bits and will give you a cup of tea and English cucumber sandwiches any time you are in our neighborhood.....

We have
  • Date: 3/17/15 6:51 PM
  • Number: 66694
  • Recommendations: 6 boils down to priorities. Do you think EVERYONE should have access to health care, or only those who can pay, who saved, who have good insurance etc?

And by the way, Telegraph, Medicare is an excellent example of health care for
  • Date: 3/17/15 5:57 PM
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It's funny...we hear DO hear about cases such as the ones Telegraph reported, but then I go t through my huge family living mostly in Australia, New Zealand, Holland, England...

In England the daily care people would visit our 90-year old
  • Date: 3/16/15 12:01 AM
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I, personally, am scared of the way the medical system in America deals with old age.

It was to avoid a lot of the worry and expense associated with these problems for our kids that DH and I moved to a CCRC... continuing care retirement
  • Date: 3/13/15 9:12 PM
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Dufus, I agree completely with many of those possibilities and have pointed out such options to DH, but he's pretty inflexible on this one thing...I think it has to do with his father.

I'd like to do cremation and scatter ashes...but it
  • Date: 3/13/15 3:20 PM
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We got a call yesterday from our credit card company...someone was trying to purchase $7900 of art work in Pennsylvania on our card...

Card cancelled.

And less than 24 hours later I have a new card and new number in my hot sticky
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Take me back to where I was.
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