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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/22/18 10:09 PM
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Thanks everyone for understanding the situation ......and the happiness we enjoyed at the cabin. Think of us in the next five days.
Telegraph...our cabin situation is very like yours was...freedom for kids to swim, fish, hike,fool around in the
  • Date: 6/22/18 8:44 PM
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When we married, there were only three things I really really wanted....a lemon tree, a rose bush, and a cabin. By cabin, I meant a little, probably primitive, place where one could "get away", be in natural and peaceful surroundings, and
  • Date: 6/19/18 3:33 PM
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Many of my Dutch cousins had to go into hiding.
2 of them were in the camps and watched both father and mother starve to death as they gave the children their bits of food.But those two kids survived, and went on to live amazingly productive
  • Date: 6/16/18 2:24 PM
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Thanks! That was very worthwhile reading, and this time the NYT did not cut me off and ask me to pay.(An
extra thank you for that, 1poorguy.)

I would definitely want DH to find someone to love, to make him laugh, to admire his
  • Date: 6/11/18 2:52 PM
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New Liberal, if you are even half as handsome as Justin Trudeau, you must have women everywhere chasing you like crazy!!!
What a gorgeous masculine guy you must be, with gorgeous eyebrows, .....and what a shame I am very married and can't
  • Date: 6/10/18 1:40 PM
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Saw it when it first came out.
  • Date: 6/8/18 11:11 AM
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While shopping, I had found a great price on sardines and was checking out 10 cans, when the cashier said "What's with the sardines? Are you doing something special with them"
"Just sardines on
  • Date: 6/7/18 3:20 PM
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We are a dull couple. We like making the other one happy. We don't seem to get annoyed with each other, and if we do, one will make a joke about it, the other will laugh, and it becomes a family language or legend....
I bet no one on this
  • Date: 6/6/18 9:46 PM
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"Sorry, killing babies to harvest their parts is brutal and uncivilized. Civilized cultures should just say no."

VQ, do you ever read anything that someone else posts? Something that legitimately refutes one of your wacky and
  • Date: 5/31/18 12:11 AM
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PS She was also seeing/ living with(?) Stephen Kovosavic...not sure of the spelling...and so Mrs Keating would get HIS recordings too....
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Take me back to where I was.
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