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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/20/18 1:05 PM
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I have a lot of fun playing with my own portfolio...and happily reported to DH that it is now the highest it has ever been. I love tech stocks.( low 6 figures total but 30% in cash.)I had joined a housewives' investment club when I was young and
  • Date: 1/15/18 1:49 AM
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Has anyone been on the Oceania Cruise to Norway?
If so, all tips, ideas, good or bad points welcomed. DH says you have to pay a whopping $1400 per person for unlimited shore trips....(which definitely would mean I have to sell my body on the
  • Date: 1/15/18 12:51 AM
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Just flew to Australia and back...well, I mean I flew by plane. ...and very glad to get home to our CCRC and swim in the pool with the grandchildren. DH had treated me to Business Class ( he didn't come to OZ) and they give you beds, but I
  • Date: 1/14/18 12:02 AM
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Just flew in from Australia and am exhausted, so can't sit and respond to the long list that skzzy gave of his interpretation of actions during Obama's term.
His interpretation.
But Obamacare was the first step to trying to give all
  • Date: 1/4/18 6:21 PM
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Minnesota schools used to be wonderful.
Our kids went to Jefferson Elementary in the Minneapolis system. By the time our kids came to California they were way ahead of their classmates here. Minnesota put my eldest, who was in Kindergarten, up
  • Date: 1/2/18 11:23 AM
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Dear FB,
That is wonderful news and your mum sounds incredible! We have a lot of active lively 90 year olds here, but none seem as active as your mum. So glad her family and friends can rejoice and enjoy her company.
Happy for
  • Date: 1/1/18 4:06 PM
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Sorry AM but we will be rooting for Clemson...
  • Date: 12/31/17 11:19 AM
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Well...nothing new to me!The Brits used to be silent sitting squashed in a bus together, or eyes never meeting.... 50 years ago...

I came from a small friendly town in New Zealand. I was maybe eighteen and a half.

I was on the
  • Date: 12/30/17 10:02 AM
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Dear Wessex,
I am a day late in wishing you a happy birthday but I hope that good wishes are welcome any time!

I always enjoy your posts (and feel sometimes we have the Brit background in common, which makes us look at things the same
  • Date: 12/24/17 3:59 PM
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I'm counting all your references to Obama and Hillary.
They are SOOOOOOOOOO relevant to today's Prez and his ruinous actions to the environment and the national debt.
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Take me back to where I was.
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