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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/18/13 9:47 PM
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DH was in a major car accident the day before yesterday,driving on a small freeway bordered by strawberry fields.

His 21-year-old Honda was totaled but the air bag worked. He was taken to a country hospital by ambulance, with smooshed
  • Date: 2/23/06 12:58 AM
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This is good information, verified on (On the Snopes site search "credit card scams" and click on item #2 after the search results come up). There is lots of info on SNOPES about this if you are interested in
  • Date: 4/16/13 4:36 PM
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I'm still a bit tearful....forgive incoherence and typos.

About an hour ago, I got a letter in the mail but didn't recognize the sender's name on the envelope. Different SF suburb, not too far away.

I opened a "Get Well
  • Date: 11/1/12 5:25 PM
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The President proposed many good things...but somehow your team declared that getting him out of office was the only thing they wanted to work on.

I salute his courage for trying against all odds to offer the chance of health care to those
  • Date: 7/10/17 10:59 AM
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Lurker Mom,
When are you going to comment on/acknowledge the fact that Trump has played golf for nearly 6 weeks of his presidency, that he contradicts himself constantly, that he does not allow a free press, that he insults or smears those he
  • Date: 1/7/13 10:30 PM
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On Friday Jan 3 you all inspired me to eat down my stores and "empty" the fridge. No purchases at all for a week...

I've been serious about it even though I may have to get milk and eggs for the grandkids. But I get a weekly
  • Date: 3/10/07 5:20 PM
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I walked along the public pool side in my swimsuit... NOT a pretty sight at well over look for my husband's lane and join him swimming laps.

When he saw me he got this big " Hi! You're here!" smile on his face.
  • Date: 1/1/12 9:13 PM
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I am sick of people making snarky remarks about our spending habits...
"so you are going on ANOTHER cruise. I wish we were that loaded..."

We aren't.(loaded0

I am not a big spender on things. I like to tip well
  • Date: 1/26/10 1:38 AM
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of my Adult School! (I volunteer Monday nights at the Citizenship classes.)

In all the other rooms the teachers are teaching English to adults, the boys who mow your lawns, chop the veggies for the stir fry in the restaurants,the women
  • Date: 6/6/02 11:33 AM
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Paid off the credit card. Woo hoo!

Paid off the equity line. Woo hoo!

Went to Costco to buy veggies and gas, in my four-year-old-paid off minivan. (The veggies and gas are NOT related, for those of you with gutter
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Take me back to where I was.
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