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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/9/15 10:55 AM
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I'll add this article too. I found it terse for the amount of information it contains. It also fits within my thesis, so it has to be true. - C2H5SH

Thanks for the link and the chuckle.

As I've stated a time or three, I'm
  • Date: 2/26/15 5:54 PM
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Allow me the opportunity to offer a different point of view: I'm not that particularly troubled by the overhang from the lawsuit.

It's not that I think CSCO's lawsuit has no merit. To the contrary, I think CSCO may very well have a solid
  • Date: 2/14/15 8:44 PM
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Like you, I went scrambling to find the reason for the drop in share price on Friday. Like you, I came to believe it was the Project Loon news. Like you, I discovered that UBNT has played a role and may, in fact, continue to play a role if Project
  • Date: 2/14/15 10:13 AM
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This article caught my attention:

The New Minnesota Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, will illuminate the field with high performance LED stadium lights
  • Date: 2/12/15 10:16 AM
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As it turned out, this article was posted today on MSN Money:

11 Stocks Warren Buffett Loves for 2015

Today we're taking a closer look at 11

  • Date: 2/10/15 7:37 PM
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Hi, brittlerock -

Yes, I saw that blurb and read a similar article from Bloomberg:

Wall-Streeters and oil speculators have been running around waving
  • Date: 2/9/15 5:10 PM
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I've told myself that before, multiple times actually, and every time I have been wrong, wrong, wrong. - B

For a real word/real-time example of how contrarian plays sometimes work, here are today's market performance
  • Date: 2/7/15 3:24 PM
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I'll chime in because I own ANET (a 1.5% stake). I bought in November after the share price declined due to lockup expiration concerns. I considered ANET's prospects to be quite good, given the explosive need for bigger, better, faster cloud
  • Date: 2/7/15 1:48 PM
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I gave you a rec, brittlerock, because you raised very valid points. In fact, mungofitch on the Berkshire Board recently posted a well-argued position explaining why he's not interested in investing in "extraction" enterprises (i.e.,
  • Date: 2/6/15 8:49 PM
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Good question, Andy. Something I've been asking myself plenty in recent months.

At this point, I think FCX can maintain its dividend. There's a corporate commitment to do so. The company may have to borrow some to do so (but a whole
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Take me back to where I was.
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