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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/16/18 10:41 AM
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We've seen a flurry of after-market and pre-market trades regarding ANET. My comments are not ANET specific. Rather, I wanted to share a few observations gleaned over the years:

Trades outside of open market times are tricksy for a
  • Date: 2/15/18 8:33 PM
  • Number: 37278
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True but as you know, the 1st quarter has historically been their weakest so sequential is not that meaningful IMO - dumaflotchie

That factoid might not be all that meaningful to you or me but, given all that I've learned about
  • Date: 2/15/18 8:17 PM
  • Number: 37274
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They beat consensus in every earnings over the past 5 that I looked back at so assuming the same in Q1, 2018, they would be still 40% YoY on revenue......compared to CSCO 3%. - dumaflotchie

While you focus on Y-o-Y revenue growth, it
  • Date: 2/15/18 7:27 PM
  • Number: 37263
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I'm not buying here (certainly not selling) until I understand the reason for their anticipated slowdown in growth which has the chance of being sandbagging, but also has a chance of being truly concerning. - A.J.

I understand
  • Date: 2/13/18 12:18 AM
  • Number: 37108
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More than a few board regulars have mentioned they've invested in Micron (MU). I think it's a solid investment (over a much longer cycle than previously experienced). Here's an article from Zack's that sings MU's
  • Date: 2/11/18 7:10 PM
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That sounds very logical and sensible. The only problem with your analysis that I see is that your logical reasoning would have said the exact same thing about Shopify, exactly the same thing, a year and eight months ago or so, when I bought it
  • Date: 2/10/18 1:28 PM
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You pretty much captured my thoughts, too.
  • Date: 2/9/18 11:31 PM
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I gotta say, I just don't get the current infatuation with "non-profits" that seem to exhibit only one compelling characteristic: revenue growth.

What happened to all the tried-and-true standard metrics formerly used to
  • Date: 2/5/18 3:34 PM
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Something, indeed, happened at about 3:10 PM EST. Quite visible on the charts. What does it all mean? Dunno. It might be a quick capitulation that brings back the "buy-the-dippers". I've had a rather prosperous day today, so
  • Date: 2/3/18 1:06 PM
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In 2017, the oceans were by far the hottest ever recorded

Further consequences of this heating include declining oxygen levels in the oceans, bleaching of coral reefs, and melting of both sea ice and ice shelves (the latter of

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