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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/20/17 9:13 PM
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Hello, Andy -

I think this guy was writing fake news but this is a small company who can have their stock moved by people that have no scruples. It might be a good idea to sell only because it looks like this company could be in for a
  • Date: 7/20/17 2:51 PM
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I wanted to thank everyone, once again, for your input regarding my AAOI holding. I sold my position (except for a 1% stub) after the share price took a dramatic turn downward. Here's the story:

Shares of fiber-optic component
  • Date: 7/19/17 8:06 PM
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"Battleground stocks". I like the term, Saul. I never came up with a name for that unique subset of stocks that have widely polarized investor/analyst opinions (e.g., AAOI with "strong buy", "conviction buy", and
  • Date: 7/19/17 7:52 PM
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Thanks for the commentary, Dan. Food for thought.
  • Date: 7/19/17 7:50 PM
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Thanks, Strelna, for this bit o' creative writing:

Here's the thing: you speculated on a company with a 62% short position without knowing its reason. You are up over 36% in 8 days and still no wiser about the short position.
  • Date: 7/19/17 7:40 PM
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Thanks, Qazulight for the addition "real world" input!
  • Date: 7/19/17 7:38 PM
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I can't tell you what to do but here is a little information that I wrote up that could help you.
- buynholdisdead

Thanks so much for the insights, Andy! I love reading the opinions of folks working in a specific sector and
  • Date: 7/19/17 7:32 PM
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Well, one of two possibilities:

1. Something is wrong that you do not recognize.
2. Nothing is wrong and you are well positioned to ride a great short squeeze.
- jhawker85

Yes! Exactly. If short interest is sky high,
  • Date: 7/18/17 7:13 PM
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"You probably should figure out what your tax obligation will be per share." - b&w

I do all my investing/trading in tax-deferred accounts. Makes life so much easier.
  • Date: 7/18/17 7:09 PM
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Every little bit helps! Thanks, OneEyeBirdRtns!
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Take me back to where I was.
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