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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/17/15 1:21 PM
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and America's highest-earning households received $0.41.------------Makers

This calculation only considers direct benefits. What about indirect benefits?

How would those highest-earning households be faring if
  • Date: 1/17/15 1:01 PM
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Debate? It's not a debate. It's just another item on the laundry list of "free" stuff. Obama wants votes. How does he get them? By offering "free" stuff. Just like Juan Peron, Huey Long, and a long list of demagogues. But
  • Date: 1/16/15 1:16 PM
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But you also find it not much different than Christianity. I've read your posts for years Beridian, you literally hate us and from what I've read, you spend far more time bashing Christians than you do anybody else.

I find modern
  • Date: 1/15/15 7:17 PM
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There are also many interpretations of the word God. That word is, in it's higher meaning, like it was used so often by Einstein, shorthand for the unknowable, mysterious workings of nature and the universe. Dedicated meditators discover a
  • Date: 1/15/15 5:25 PM
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Why should someone "look up" your posts? What is your position on Islam?

I find islam abhorrent, its doctrines primitive and misogynistic, and I think that many of its followers are bloodthirsty and evil.
  • Date: 1/15/15 4:48 PM
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Cameron will meet with Obama in the White House Friday, when hes also expected to advocate forcing social media companies to scour users' information to detect potential national security threats."

Its an ugly world that
  • Date: 1/15/15 4:36 PM
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based on personal and global history, I think dog's are more trustworthy.

My dog is certainly more transparent and much less mysterious than any god thingie that I have heard of. A bowl of food, a bit of play, and a warm place to
  • Date: 1/15/15 4:13 PM
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Your silence about Islam's murderous aggression and attempt at lumping all peaceful people of faith in the same camp is very telling.

Why do you defend them?

I am not silent about the evils of islam, nor do I defend them.
  • Date: 1/15/15 3:58 PM
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Science is no less faith based than religion is. There is absolutely no proof that science will ever answer the questions of why are we here, how we got here, or the origin of the universe. And no, the Big Bang does nothing to answer these
  • Date: 1/14/15 7:16 PM
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Because NOBODY gets to keep the money that they earned in this country, do they? So you, a librul, home of the "Whaaaa that's not fair" ideology, ought not complain when ANYONE tries to keep the money that they earned.

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Take me back to where I was.
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