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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/6/18 6:14 PM
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Money cannot actually make more money any more than "work" (in physics) can make more work.

I think this is wrong. A miller can "work" to build a windmill that multiplies his productivity over milling grain by
  • Date: 2/6/18 5:44 PM
  • Number: 504968
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Trickle down doesn't work.

It works for widening the wealth gap and ushering in revolution and changes of government.
  • Date: 2/5/18 3:36 PM
  • Number: 504909
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If one more Eagle said they owed their victory to the bearded sky god thingy I was going to blow lunch.

I love the logic, it would follow then that the Patriot players owe their loss to god. I would love to hear one of the
  • Date: 2/2/18 12:31 PM
  • Number: 504831
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Folks trying to grab their bags during an evacuation (of an airplane) is the biggest problem for an orderly (and speedy) evacuation.

I would almost rather have a colonoscopy than fly on an airliner. People drag all of their sh!t
  • Date: 2/2/18 12:23 PM
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We should think about how to empower people by making them capable of real agency rather than making excuses for people by saying that they’re victims of structure."

Easy to say, but how do you do it?

It would seem to
  • Date: 2/1/18 11:38 AM
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Workers who cross the border unlawfully now travel with their families, rather than leaving them in their home country, and many have children who are U.S. citizens - so depriving them of work is not going to lead them to emigrate. It will just
  • Date: 2/1/18 10:31 AM
  • Number: 504767
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As I've said here and other places, we need draconian punishments for employers of illegal aliens.

I agree. Congress could end illegal immigration tomorrow for nearly zero cost simply by putting teeth into employment
  • Date: 1/31/18 1:34 PM
  • Number: 504715
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With all due respect, most farmers are not scumbags.

Maybe not "most" but a great many of them are. It is not only farmers, it is construction companies, landscaping companies, hospitality, etc. And there are degrees of
  • Date: 1/31/18 11:55 AM
  • Number: 504703
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Why isn't the agricultural industry speaking out more loudly...

Because as long as migrant workers are illegal employers can cheat and take advantage of workers while ignoring regulations without fear of reprisal. Once
  • Date: 1/30/18 2:15 PM
  • Number: 504669
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Facebook makes us more polarized. It helps us filter in only that information we agree with and filter out that which challenge our beliefs. It helps us find others who share our prejudices and biases. It is a highly efficient creator of echo
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Take me back to where I was.
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