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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 5/13/15 10:39 AM
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<i.WHAT goodness of human consciousness? Where did that come from?

The vast majority of humans are all too willing to be kind and helpful towards their fellow man. Look at the aftermath of any great disaster, the earthquake in Nepal is
  • Date: 5/12/15 7:11 PM
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Certainly your response is rational. Intelligent folks won't take it seriously for the reasons you say. But much of American is not particularly intelligent, and is easily spun by the spin masters.

In order for Hillary to win
  • Date: 5/12/15 6:45 PM
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1.Beethoven asked a relative of mine to write some poems that he put to music in the song cycle called "An die ferne Geliebte"

2.Brahms patted my grandmother on the head and told her she was a good little

  • Date: 5/12/15 6:40 PM
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1. I can trace my ancestry back to Charles Darwin.

2. My grandfather once introduced Karl Jung to an audience at Harvard University as "Sigmund Freud".

3. During the Cold War, I once smuggled 10,000 contraceptive

  • Date: 5/12/15 6:21 PM
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Yet Christmas is going gang banging great.

Christmas is a religious holiday? I thought it was all about retail shopping, over-eating, Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, and decorated pagan trees.
  • Date: 5/12/15 6:07 PM
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Are Prisoners Less Likely To Be Atheists?


(1) From what I have learned about life in prison, social cliques are vital to your survival. It follows that inmates naturally coalesce into groups. And what more
  • Date: 5/12/15 5:41 PM
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The decline of religion is due to religion's inherent falseness. There is no deity, no man behind the curtain. If there is a god, he or she is silent and does not see fit to defend a preference for any one particular brand or faith. Consequently
  • Date: 5/11/15 9:49 PM
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If a political system depends on that level of active oversight to function properly, that might be an inherent design flaw. The Founders tried to remedy that by setting up checks and balances, among other institutional controls - basically
  • Date: 5/11/15 6:14 PM
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How do they get there? Who pays for it?

How do the utilities get paid? How does it get furnished and staffed? How does the food come in, get stored, and get cooked?

How does the co-mingling of the kids' meals and the

  • Date: 5/11/15 6:05 PM
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The political genius of the Reagan quote is not in getting people to ignore the fact that government is the "servant and champion of the people." Rather, it's exploiting the fact that "government" also does things that annoy,
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Take me back to where I was.
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