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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/22/16 2:57 PM
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It is hard work, and your time is NOT your own. I think the chances of Repubs impeaching him are small, but I do think it likely he will pull off some stunts and make a big mark in the first 6 months, declare victory for his movement, and then go
  • Date: 11/22/16 12:58 PM
  • Number: 484105
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Is Pence the "chancellor"? One gets the feeling DJT is going to turn it over to him.

I'd lay you even odds that we wind up with a President Pence in the not too distant future. I have a hunch that Trump may even
  • Date: 11/9/16 10:00 AM
  • Number: 482421
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One commentator last night said that white voters are now beginning to vote like a minority block.

I will be watching with intense interest. Tax simplification? Repeal the ACA and replace with what? Crack down on illegals? Bomb
  • Date: 11/9/16 8:44 AM
  • Number: 482410
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Buyers remorse will set in once the idiots realize Trumps actions will bring on another great recession.

As bad as Trump's character is, what is more alarming to me is that republicans now have full control of government.
  • Date: 11/8/16 1:37 PM
  • Number: 2115625
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I voted at about 930 am. Line was about ten minutes no big deal. I was surprised to see a police car prominently parked in front of the entrance with two uniformed police officers walking around the entrance. The talk I overheard was that they
  • Date: 11/8/16 1:31 PM
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.....the GOP is deplorable lately.

  • Date: 10/28/16 5:17 PM
  • Number: 481520
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But supporting a verklempt health care system which denies coverage to tens of millions, including those with pre-existing conditions (like me! like goof's wife! like alstro!) does exactly that.

I also have a pre-existing
  • Date: 10/28/16 3:56 PM
  • Number: 481504
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The elephant in the room is that it's cheaper for many folks to pay the fine instead of get insurance, so they pay the fine.

I have an idea, for those who fail to purchase coverage, have the federal government purchase
  • Date: 10/20/16 3:45 PM
  • Number: 480960
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I am late to this discussion, but it appears to me that Stillwater9999 has Gerrymandered the Atheists Fools board and TMF "Best Of". It's the only way I can account for the vote count.
  • Date: 10/18/16 5:30 PM
  • Number: 480878
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In supporting Trump, the Religious Right has exposed their movement as nothing but a bunch of hypocrites using religion to gain power.

I am glad that you labeled them "the religious right" instead of Christians. The
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Take me back to where I was.
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