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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/18/14 11:22 AM
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Sorry. He can't begin to live up to the standards set by Reagan and Nixon.


It doesn't excuse the idiot prez odama.


And what excuses posts like
  • Date: 7/17/14 12:46 PM
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<<Even as child watching JFK's funeral, and Teddy in the neck brace after Chappaquiddick, I looked upon their wives as martyrs for their husbands because of the gossip concerning the Kennedy husbands penchant for
  • Date: 6/20/14 11:37 AM
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As always, genetics does play a role. And growing up under the thumb of one of the coldest, most arrogant public figures in contemporary American history probably didn't promote much civility.

  • Date: 6/12/14 11:43 AM
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By contrast, most illegals--still largely from Mexico--come here simply because they cannot find sufficiently remunerative work back home.

<<No they aren't FROM Mexcio. They are passing through Mexico FROM Central American
  • Date: 6/11/14 5:37 PM
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cjb44: "if that was true, why are illegals getting in-state tuition for college?"


This is a state-by-state determination--you know, the idea of localized control that conservatives are (usually) so fond
  • Date: 6/11/14 5:31 PM
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Colovion: "Pretty much regardless of how you divvy up the land area last election the GOP would still have won the House."


The above claim is factually and unequivocally false. In the aggregate, Democratic
  • Date: 6/11/14 5:27 PM
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Colovion: Nah, clearly the proper solution is to take these kids away from their brown parents and give them to white people. I mean that's the logical endpoint of the Dem policies and desires so it must be what they really, truly hope for in their
  • Date: 6/11/14 5:23 PM
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cjb44: Isn't there primary sin breaking the law? As in, sneaking into the Country illegally, working illegally, not paying taxes and so on.

Their sin is being criminals.

Using the word
  • Date: 6/11/14 1:24 PM
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" I applaud GOP-purity on immigration, sending black folk back to the plantation... "

SaintPatrick1: Who was the first gop president again?

Ugh. This spurious denial of historical
  • Date: 6/8/14 12:11 AM
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I wish I could be optimistic about the subject line in the OP. But I'm not. As other current threads on this board reveal, we are a crisis culture; we do not, in a deep irony, change what is most deeply broken until it is nearly beyond repair . .
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Take me back to where I was.
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