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  • Date: 8/29/16 7:46 PM
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Hi gtechie,

I think buying at better value points is safer everything else being equal. Middleby is a company, which I have added to at both better value points and worse value points. If I really believe in a company, I will add to them
  • Date: 8/29/16 7:09 PM
  • Number: 1775
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Hi Mwhy,

If I purchased a current recommendation in the past at a better price point(p/e)than it is today, is it still a good idea to add more per the latest recommendation?

If you already own it, you don't have to add
  • Date: 8/28/16 10:55 PM
  • Number: 6952
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Hi all,

Here is my latest page post on ESRX.

I just wrote my latest page post on ESRX.
  • Date: 8/28/16 9:36 PM
  • Number: 519
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Express Scripts (ESRX)
Price $72.31
Dow 18,395.40
S&P500 2169.04
Gold 1,321.20
Oil 47.29
Euro/USD $1.12
Silver 18.72
Copper $2.08
Cotton $0.66
Coffee $1.63
Lamb $1.07 per pound
Beef $1.92 per
  • Date: 8/28/16 9:22 PM
  • Number: 518
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Hi hrse,

I don't think they can at this point. I think it has to be FDA approved.

  • Date: 8/26/16 2:32 PM
  • Number: 397
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Hi all,

My Explorer 2 August 2016 thoughts: Stock Advisor side

Short-term Kinder Morgan is likely to be the winner. But I just couldn't vote it over Starbucks. Starbucks valuation is on the high-side, but it is going to use the
  • Date: 8/26/16 11:41 AM
  • Number: 2039
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Hi all,

This exploration was easier for me. It really only boiled down to Facebook and Baidu. Twitter and Zillow didn't compared in my opinion with the giants, Facebook and Baidu.

At that point it got harder. I own Baidu, but I
  • Date: 8/25/16 6:13 PM
  • Number: 6947
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Hi Jakelicky,

Here is the latest Odyssey 2 team intel. I recommended they buy HAIN. It was voted down 3 to 2.

  • Date: 8/24/16 11:03 PM
  • Number: 463
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Hi thefifth,

This is quite surprising to me given the current state of the business, and the likelihood that watches in general are in decline.

I am not part of the Hidden Gems team, so I cannot be sure why it was chosen as
  • Date: 8/24/16 10:35 PM
  • Number: 1665
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Fossil (FOSL)
Price $30.09 superstock 15b
Dow: 18,481.48
SP500 2,175.44
Oil $46.82
Euro/USD $1.13
Gold $1,324.80
Silver $18.5
Copper $2.08
Cotton $0.67
Coffee 163.44
Lamb $1.07
Barley $140.19 metric
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