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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/19/17 5:08 PM
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The Post criticizing the Times?

So sad.
  • Date: 2/19/17 4:09 PM
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Section 4 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution allows for the removal of a
  • Date: 2/19/17 12:39 PM
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When the leaders of the Bolshevik movement—Lenin, Stalin, and the rest—used the term vrag naroda, an “enemy of the people,” it was an ominous epithet that encompassed a range of “wreckers” and “socially dangerous elements.” Enemies included clergy,
  • Date: 2/18/17 8:57 PM
  • Number: 2139338
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Republican Party’s internal machinations are a secondary matter.
  • Date: 2/18/17 6:17 PM
  • Number: 2139326
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because there was never anything there.
Honk, honk

In the end, the press will be eating crow as well as the PA posters' jumping the gun without giving the facts time to come out.


And hopefully, the
  • Date: 2/18/17 1:28 PM
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Yes, the AP spent all night making up this false news story.

Skippy's got a new shtick. It's false news if I don't agree with it. The key word here ace is "considered"

Trump* got caught with his pants
  • Date: 2/17/17 7:50 PM
  • Number: 2139182
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Amazing that an individual can post such nonsense without using a doppel.

With everything that Republicans want to do — repeal Obamacare, overhaul the tax code — it might seem odd that one of Congress’ very first acts would be to
  • Date: 2/17/17 7:29 PM
  • Number: 2139177
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With a comment like this one it is sad for you.

"Honk, honk"
  • Date: 2/17/17 6:13 PM
  • Number: 2139154
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The racism is yours, boldly and stupidly said and repeated in the above.

Birth certificate, Kenya, birth certificate.
That's the trouble with guys like you who live in caves. So sad.
  • Date: 2/17/17 2:42 PM
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Take me back to where I was.
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