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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/24/16 11:37 PM
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Keep the licks of Speck as employees of TMF to stick to their jobs and not their politics. It is not appreciated by the members and will drive more of us away!

I'm happy to forward this along to the Fools who make such
  • Date: 10/24/16 11:33 PM
  • Number: 847123
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How about you move back to doing whatever you are supposed to do do at tmf and stay out of members conversations - your position demands you stay out of the fray!

I helped build these boards oh so many years ago, helped implement
  • Date: 10/24/16 11:28 PM
  • Number: 847122
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It is amazing, isn't it?

To me, Speck is "in uniform" when posting under the TMF handle. I look at it like arguing with the customers on company time while wearing the company uniform. I would assume that part of

  • Date: 10/24/16 8:36 PM
  • Number: 847112
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Anything that makes the dems look bad/corrupt etc. is always a non-story for you.....I have seen the pattern.

How does an 8-year-old memo regarding internal polling and well-established polling methodology make anyone look
  • Date: 10/24/16 8:29 PM
  • Number: 847111
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The thing you are overlooking is that this left leaning behavior goes on every election cycle.

The thing you are overlooking is that is not "left leaning behavior". This is polling methodology used by polling companies
  • Date: 10/24/16 7:30 PM
  • Number: 847107
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Also: Why rig internal polling? You'd want internal polling as accurate as possible.

A huge non-story that has garnered a suspicious number of recs. I can't help but wonder how that happens.

  • Date: 10/24/16 7:18 PM
  • Number: 847106
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And that's how you manufacture a 12-point lead for your chosen candidate and effectively chill the vote of your opposition.

No, that's how you manufacture fake outrage.

1) Oversampling is a well-established polling
  • Date: 10/21/16 3:00 PM
  • Number: 2111487
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You also need a copy of a driver's license and/or a voter registration card, copied and included. 150,000 of them. Got it? Start photo-copying all that. How long will that take? Give me a number.

fwiw, here in Oregon, we
  • Date: 10/20/16 5:00 PM
  • Number: 480966
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and goofnoff is clearly one of the most racist

If, as you're so fond of saying, there is "no such thing as race", how can there be racism?

  • Date: 10/18/16 10:45 AM
  • Number: 480853
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[...]he says exactly what he thinks without any of the bleached out[...]

Then it's very important to listen to exactly what he says:

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Take me back to where I was.
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