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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/27/16 5:56 PM
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Neo-nazis from the alt-right have been using three parentheses to signal to their friends that certain people are Jewish, and therefore need to have their email, twitter, and facebook accounts flooded with hate mail. You might want to read
  • Date: 7/24/16 4:32 PM
  • Number: 475382
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kenora: Hate...and FEAR! Fear of what the future holds for them. Luddites who hate change and progress.

Clinical psychologists often remark that behind almost every expression of hate or anger there lies fear. But fear, for many
  • Date: 7/24/16 4:18 PM
  • Number: 475381
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Heh. This thread illustrates nicely the difference between asking a physicist and asking a mathematician for help! Sorry to have obtuse.

  • Date: 7/24/16 4:14 PM
  • Number: 475380
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Dave, I will be happy to help. Please understand, though, that your post is totally out of context. I read it twice, and I have no idea what you are trying to do or what the problem is. Let me try to communicate all the confusions that arise from
  • Date: 7/23/16 6:28 PM
  • Number: 501031
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ajm101 writes: Really fascinating.


In my own experience, I have come to the conclusion that math is best revealed in layers. I.e., a strong core of arithmetic and basic algebra, followed by calculus, and then
  • Date: 7/23/16 4:41 PM
  • Number: 501025
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Q: I cannot see a political poll without seeing the shadowy Bayes in the background, or open up my Google maps app and talk to it where Bayes is all up in my face, or watch the models develop Tropical Storms where I see Bayes doing the heavy
  • Date: 7/23/16 4:10 PM
  • Number: 501022
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Aiming to move away from simple rote-learning and to focus instead on teaching children how to problem solve...

In my experience (teaching mathematics at the graduate level), this one aspect is absolutely critical for Asian students.
  • Date: 7/19/16 1:52 PM
  • Number: 474927
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David: My smartest oldest Turkish friend is convinced that the coup wasn't a fake, but that it occurred as a result of the Erdogan government's running a successful operation to gull primarily Gülenist elements of the military into
  • Date: 7/16/16 8:08 PM
  • Number: 70999
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Wow. All I can say is WOW.

On second thought, there is quite a lot I would like to say. I am on vaction and technically banned from anything resembling work, but DW is asleep and I cannot resist chatting a little about what we are seeing
  • Date: 7/11/16 7:14 PM
  • Number: 474285
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CNC: Scientist Who Discovered That GMO’s Cause Tumors Wins Lawsuit

I have extreme objections to news and opinion pieces that try to make general claims about "GMOs". This is an egregious category error, one that pretends
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Take me back to where I was.
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