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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/26/15 9:17 PM
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GWPotter: I did however have some very odd Mail issues yesterday and when I use Disk Utility found out that I needed to Repair my HDD.

Verry interesting. I had to repair my SSD yesterday also -- and it had previously been a model of
  • Date: 7/24/15 11:13 PM
  • Number: 2009844
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Have you ever heard of an American cop offering to give someone a lift who has run out of gas?

Sure. It happened to me once, in upstate New York. My interactions with cops have generally been cordial and correct. But then I'm just a
  • Date: 7/24/15 5:30 PM
  • Number: 63815
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Jaagu: [bjchip] is being bamboozled by some form of irrational optimism that nuclear power can save the earth. People and countries will adopt my approach much sooner than the nuclear approach.

That is not bjchip's position, as you
  • Date: 7/23/15 2:51 PM
  • Number: 455012
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Hawkwin: Regardless of one's position on the 2nd amendment, can we obtain agreement that 1200 guns is too much for private ownership?

I think this should be considered as a public health issue. It should be classified as a serious
  • Date: 7/21/15 1:53 PM
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Daily Mail: Cardinal George Pell, who was appointed by Pope Francis last year to manage the Vatican finances, said the Roman Catholic church had ‘no mandate’ to lay down doctrine on scientific matters.

Wait a minute. Did a high
  • Date: 7/20/15 3:14 PM
  • Number: 66994
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I have not yet upgraded to Word 2016. However, I can say that, from its very very earliest versions in 1983-84 right up to Word 2011, the default font for Word has always been prescribed in the Normal style. Change that style and the default
  • Date: 7/19/15 3:08 PM
  • Number: 63667
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Pete: Presumably, prior to marijuana legalization, the plants were grown indoors to keep them from being seen by suspicious neighbors or the local cops. But pot is legal now. Why not just plant it outdoors and let the sunshine provide the energy
  • Date: 7/18/15 1:23 PM
  • Number: 63647
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DB2: An interesting essay exploring the kinds of errors high numeracy people are more prone to make. For example, you're flipping a fair coin 12 times. It has just come up heads five times in a row. Is the next flip more or less likely to be
  • Date: 7/17/15 7:04 PM
  • Number: 63636
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Calabogie: I live in Germany and 3 German language papers as well as 2 English language German papers stated in December that 2014 was cooler than normal in Germany and overall Europe was cooler than it had been for the past 4 years. In
  • Date: 7/14/15 5:29 PM
  • Number: 454605
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Any thoughts on what might have happened in 2005-06 to turn the trend downwards?

Delayed effect of the attacks of 9/11/2001?

Publication of "The God Delusion"?

War in Iraq and Afghanistan drags on and
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