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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/29/14 10:43 PM
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Ending the occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state would totally undermine Hamas. It'd either wither into insignificance or transform itself.

How do you know that? After all, Hamas defines
  • Date: 7/29/14 9:42 PM
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Because generally people with nothing to lose choose militancy. People with something to lose generally chose accommodation and desire peace. Most people in a free and independent Palestinian state wouldn't support Hamas or any political party
  • Date: 7/29/14 8:50 PM
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True, but the way to defeat Hamas in the long term is to make them irrelevant. If Palestinians had an independent state, Hamas's militancy would be widely seen as a problem, not a solution. More likely than not, most Hamas supporter would come
  • Date: 7/29/14 7:18 PM
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Do you understand that I am proposing integrating the Pals into a Greater Israel over a 100 year period?

One enclave at a time as they show interest.

How would that address the conflict? If you don't allow everyone in with
  • Date: 7/29/14 6:47 PM
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The fear that Israelis have of any future different from the status quo is powerful and immobilizing.

I suppose I should have more sympathy for their paranoia than I do.

It's not paranoia - it's a rational expectation based
  • Date: 7/29/14 6:05 PM
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Do your relatives imagine that these people would be voting for Hamas in future Israeli elections?

Do they imagine that these one and a half million Arab Israelis are just waiting for the right time to begin the extermination of the

  • Date: 7/29/14 5:55 PM
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What do you consider the ideal waste-hip ratio? 1.6 sounds high.

The articles that I linked above (I know you weren't replying to me, but I was intrigued by the question) found that a waist-hip ratio of .7 was the one most attractive
  • Date: 7/29/14 5:46 PM
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I hope your relatives and my many Israeli friends never have to start swimming. I wish Israel a long and happy life. I just don't think that's going to happen if it continues building settlements in the Palestinian territories and it doesn't make
  • Date: 7/29/14 3:05 PM
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I'm not sure it's awesome, but it is at least watchable.

On Movie/TV night, anything watchable is awesome.

  • Date: 7/29/14 2:58 PM
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I'm arguing that Israel should begin incorporating Palestinians into a Greater Israel with full political rights on a case-by-case basis that might require 100 years before ALL of the Palestinians had rights. And that Israel should do this
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Take me back to where I was.
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