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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/20/18 9:47 AM
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if it matters, I don't want to be a defender of these types of stocks and I'm hardly well-informed, but perhaps you can't look at price to sale ratios without looking at return on investment. SHOP for example, grew revenue by 284m last
  • Date: 4/18/18 1:08 PM
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The goal is wealth creation ... not to maximize FCF today or even next year.

I'll refrain from a further opinion on this (:-)) but....(I didn't write those other articles so looping me in with everyone else doesn't
  • Date: 4/18/18 10:12 AM
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In the case of IBM, Ginni has been bad for investors, and bad for employees.

company expects to do 12b in FCF on a current cap near 140b, but the company's biggest sin is not in producing top line growth even if that growth is
  • Date: 4/13/18 11:32 AM
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fwiw, agree with all the comments on investing in stores, if that's appropriate. My biggest issue is with outside financial moves - ala dividend and buybacks, esp buybacks.
  • Date: 4/12/18 1:26 PM
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last nba post

I just hope Ind beats the Cavs....oh, please....(tired of Lebron)
then i guess the Sixers are it
nobody trusts the Canadians...
  • Date: 4/12/18 1:24 PM
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4 or 5 games to end it?
spurs = ancient

by the way, no ill intent w/West Coast fans
but the time zones make watching those games
and cheering for those teams

and then Westbrook on the other
  • Date: 4/12/18 1:12 PM
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good for you
but honestly, you gonna watch any of the series before Hst vs. GS? (assuming Hst doesn't blow it earlier - wouldn't put it past them)

not me - i mean, who cares?
nobody but hst has a chance unless GS all do down
  • Date: 4/12/18 11:55 AM
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i would assume the PE funds would be directed to institutional investors or high net worth; again, TROW sees the same clients

fwiw, I had one client with a multi-year lockup - but the fund sucked, and he was trapped for years on end. It
  • Date: 4/12/18 11:20 AM
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i do wonder why, for example, somebody like a TROW doesn't have PE arm - what would stop them? If the secret sauce really is long-term holding periods, then why wouldn't TROW logically branch into these areas? Why wouldn't any of the
  • Date: 4/12/18 10:23 AM
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if it matters, folks like you and canucks and naj are why I post these snippets - I'm aware many folks couldn't care less, but I do, and I like feedback of any type. I appreciate ideas in particular, and thank you very much
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