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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/8/18 7:00 AM
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Is this a choice because of your market view that it is rich or because the assets you manage have grown in size, additional funds could impact your results or you are ready to slow down, but have a commitment for existing
  • Date: 1/6/18 9:36 PM
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like Martian or some others here

thanks - been closed for several years now w/no intention of opening
  • Date: 1/5/18 8:41 AM
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some signs that poor results in NA that have been a drag on performance may turn around this Q or probably the next

agree, that's what they suggested in the call, but I'm really uncomfortable when the progress is assumed in
  • Date: 1/4/18 9:22 AM
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5 dollars just a blip
  • Date: 1/3/18 8:10 PM
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final thingie from me while we wait for other responses,

this is a weird comment, esp. coming from someone like me (maybe)
if you do have confidence in a specific money manager in terms of stock picks, and you can understand the
  • Date: 1/3/18 7:58 PM
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that didn't come right
what i mean is - for example - reading a morningstar sheet or looking at and understanding the data on and so forth is not common knowledge in the general
  • Date: 1/3/18 5:42 PM
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Up to you - really personal and i'll be brief-

*I'd use the 75-25% rule with stocks. No more than 75% in a portfolio, no less than 25%. You can figure out where you should be.
*I'd index part of it. Which part is up to
  • Date: 1/3/18 5:29 PM
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well, i underperformed. Given that my returns pretty much take into account 100% of my portfolio and my significant other is retired, i now measure myself against a target date fund that is starting to look like a balanced fund (almost
  • Date: 1/3/18 7:59 AM
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sales up 3% in latest quarter
gross margins down
SGA down
NA wholesale doing poorly
operating income down 18%
46c beats expectations but due to lower tax rate
not expected to benefit materially from the tax law
  • Date: 12/24/17 11:40 PM
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this sort of talk?
night before Christmas?

have to ignore my own thread ;-)

sad - everyone is asleep, not even a mouse is awake, and I'm working on my Q4 report...
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Take me back to where I was.
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