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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/3/05 11:59 AM
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In another thread a poster asks:

What exactly is so threatening about the prospect of removing some small amount of governmental control over a portion of any given individual's income?

The most obvious thing wrong with the
  • Date: 8/18/06 10:02 AM
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In responding to Judge Anne Diggs Taylor's rulling you say:

"Would you celebrate if it was found unconstitutional in WW II for calls originating from Germany from known Nazis to persons in the U.S. to be illegal to tap in time of
  • Date: 10/5/06 9:34 AM
  • Number: 1006496
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"One hundred and seventy-seven of the opposition party said, 'You know, we don't think we ought to be listening to the conversations of terrorists,' " Bush said at a fundraiser for Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) before heading to Colorado
  • Date: 7/14/08 8:37 AM
  • Number: 1223351
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What is wrong with you? Sure, since George W. Bush took office…

... Your share of the national debt (as a family of four) has increased by $40,000, and you have absolutely nothing collectively to show for it, as your country's
  • Date: 1/29/09 2:12 PM
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Remember all those compromises you put in the stimulus bill just to make it more attractive to House Republicans?

Now that they voted unanimously against the bill any way, do try to remember to reverse every single one of those changes in
  • Date: 11/10/05 4:59 PM
  • Number: 167180
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I still just don't get this hate of Bush. It is one thing to adamantly disagree and engage in discourse to articulate your disagreement, it is quite another to develop such vile and hatred as to personally attack the person.

Tell me
  • Date: 12/16/08 12:28 PM
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I am a Democrat because I believe in helping those in need. All of us, you and I, have an obligation to those less fortunate. You go first, okay? I'm a little short this week.

I am a Democrat because I hold sacred freedom of the

  • Date: 11/11/08 10:37 AM
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I have just read a thread wherein some folks question how we can really know Obama is smart, because maybe his academic accomplishments are mostly due to affirmative action.

  • Date: 9/30/08 2:33 PM
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As progressive bloggers have been warning all along, the hope of Republicans was for a bill to pass with lots of Democratic support and little Republican support, and to then use the bill to bash Democrats and put distance between themselves and
  • Date: 7/15/08 8:55 AM
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As you reflect on the reasons for your unprecedentedly high levels of consensus that country is on "the wrong track"*, please do not forget that since the year 2000:

1) A Republican has been president for all 8 years.
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Take me back to where I was.
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