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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/10/14 9:58 AM
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BTW. You ought to be inspired by this:

Glenn Beck on Tuesday announced that he will

  • Date: 7/9/14 1:10 PM
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I wondered what was going on. Figured it might be what you've identified as the problem.

Happened to me too, though I think 20 repeats has to be some sort of record.
  • Date: 7/9/14 1:04 PM
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I wonder why you think you are any different Padre Bias Bill!

I address what people actually say or do.

You seem to spend most of your times in the weeds, tilting at what you imagine and conjure up about "motives".
  • Date: 7/9/14 12:59 PM
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The "chocolate Mayor" got his due.

I'm sure that if he was a vanilla Louisiana politician, he would be pure as the driven snow.
  • Date: 7/9/14 12:56 PM
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stutter much?
  • Date: 7/9/14 12:19 PM
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Wondering how many beautiful people are behind closed doors making sure these children don't end up near their homes?

I wonder how many of them are secret aliens themselves?
I wonder how many are ax murderers, or card carrying
  • Date: 7/9/14 12:14 PM
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So, I ask... no, I DEMAND that these kids be sent to Ann Arbor to attend schools in the upscale neighborhoods.

You'll have to wait. The law is being followed. We don't even know the ultimate decision that will be reached concerning
  • Date: 7/9/14 11:50 AM
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I suspect it is 150 and growing...

You are certainly free to suspect what you wish.

The population of Michigan, by the way, is 10 million.
  • Date: 7/9/14 11:06 AM
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And some zygote lovers are also consistent in their ethic of life; they also love vulnerable children and will not be deterred by the fear and hatred that infects their more inconsistent brothers and sisters.

For them, I have the utmost
  • Date: 7/9/14 10:46 AM
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Some people protect fertilized zygotes, even though those zygotes are unfeeling, unthinking bits of protoplasm.

It's easy. It involves no sacrifice. It's the perfect opportunity to call those who disagree with you
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Take me back to where I was.
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