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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/25/17 1:28 PM
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The Anacreontic Society:

The Anacreontic Society was a popular gentlemen's club of amateur musicians in London founded in the mid-18th century. These barristers, doctors, and other professional men named their club after the Greek
  • Date: 9/25/17 10:50 AM
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I always found it interesting that though Francis Scott Key wrote the words for the Star Spangled Banner, he borrowed the tune from an old English drinking song.
  • Date: 9/25/17 10:08 AM
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Christians like him were fed to the Lions...

And today, many of these have churches and feast days named after them, and are called "saints".

Wouldn't go that far with Kaepernick, but I laughed when you
  • Date: 9/24/17 11:45 PM
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I guess I'm out of step with such lists of "conservative" and "liberal" cities.

In each of those conservative cities, there are plenty of liberals. And vice versa.

And having grown up in Tulsa and spent a
  • Date: 9/24/17 11:23 PM
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and the t-shirt of Che? Or the pigs on socks?

Where did those come from?

Kaepernick is actually a strong Christian.

And that, more than anything has informed his protest.
  • Date: 9/24/17 11:19 PM
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Trump supporters knew as soon as the President set off the first volley that he was going to say something outrageous and tweek the hell out of the liberals.

It's part of the fun of having a President like Trump. He pokes you stuck

  • Date: 9/24/17 11:06 PM
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feature Fidel Castro & Che Guevara.

Sorry to kill the buzz.

PS. Socks with pigs in police uniforms need not be mentioned.

"Rage on, dude!"

Talk about your useful idiots ....

  • Date: 9/24/17 11:04 PM
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... are still helping ISIS:

RTNews, huh?
  • Date: 9/24/17 2:42 PM
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tensions ratcheting up with N. Korea.

Republican plans to repeal and replace in tatters...

  • Date: 9/24/17 2:40 PM
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Sadly it's probably gonna change - but very few dumb Americans with an axe to grind playing hockey.

I'm glad.

If Trump calls an NHL player a "son of a b" and starts suggesting what owners should do, I'm
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Take me back to where I was.
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