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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/20/14 3:43 PM
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So let's say about 7 months ago, someone enterprising started an experiment with the goal of emigrating to the USA, legally, for purposes of working in Information Technology BUT, not wanting to wait for a work visa.

So instead of
  • Date: 9/20/14 3:37 PM
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I remember a standard bit of nonsense that was repeated by many on the right regarding the issue of gay marriage....

"If we allow homosexuals to marry, what's to stop polygamists from marrying five wives, or people marrying their
  • Date: 9/20/14 2:01 PM
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Because it creates the certainty within terrorist organizations that kidnapping Americans can be leveraged into a significant revenue stream.
  • Date: 9/19/14 11:43 PM
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Why be so focused on 100 from here

Because "The Muslim Terrorist Next Door" is the subject of this thread.

Why can't you stay on topic?
  • Date: 9/19/14 11:11 PM
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So how are Muslims being ostracized throughout the Middle East , North Africa and so on all by their own fellow Muslims no less, IF that is the criteria to make them go..."off"?

I was talking about Muslims in America. The
  • Date: 9/19/14 10:44 PM
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There is a Muslim family a few doors over from me. The wife even wears the chador. During the summer, they'd have their two kids in the yard, playing with them and laughing. Always polite. Always saying "hello".

Maybe I'd better
  • Date: 9/19/14 8:35 PM
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You are banging your head against a concrete wall

.....just establishing the dimensions and density of the wall.
  • Date: 9/19/14 8:32 PM
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Well, he doesn't have as much insight into the guy as you do, but really, who could?

No insight needed.

I'm going with objectively verified behavior.

I'll leave the insight to his son.
  • Date: 9/19/14 7:39 PM
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His son has told Huffington Post that he was raised by Rep. Wilson to shun racism and to treat everyone equally.

Really, officer, my father loves the taste of communion wafers.
  • Date: 9/19/14 7:02 PM
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aaaaaaand we'll put Billy boy into the category of people who believe McCarthy-type behavior excludes guilt by association.

Joe Wilson walks and quacks like the Duck organization of which he is a card carrying member.
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Take me back to where I was.
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