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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/27/16 11:38 PM
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I disagree Bill. Have you ever looked at the theology that Ted Cruz subscribes to? He was elected overwhelmingly to the Senate.

I'd be real interested in how many subscribe to Dominionism in Texas.

Not that many.
  • Date: 6/27/16 9:12 PM
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But stop telling me I should be ashamed for voting for Hillary. I still can't believe someone would say that to me (as you can see from this post!)

Well, Bernie supporters have taken that sort of flack for the last six months as
  • Date: 6/27/16 9:02 PM
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BTW: Bill, I think this is exactly why Texas secessionists should get their referendum.

I understand.

But they would be crushed. Probably no more than 10% would vote for it.

... which may explain why it never comes
  • Date: 6/27/16 7:23 PM
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WALLACE: Well, before we get to Britain leaving the E.U., George, I want to talk about you. You announced this week that you have left the Republican Party. Why?

WILL: I left it for the same reason I joined it in 1964 when I
  • Date: 6/27/16 6:12 PM
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An interesting reflection by Matt Taibbi:
  • Date: 6/26/16 3:31 PM
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  • Date: 6/26/16 3:27 PM
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wrong link
  • Date: 6/26/16 1:47 PM
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Hey, if libtards can get excited about the prospects of Texit

Republicans in the Texas legislature have turned back the consideration of Texit. The responsible ones don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole.
  • Date: 6/26/16 12:14 PM
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I like it. Almost always in favor of political devolution.

My girlfriend and I had a discussion about this yesterday.

Both of us would be termed "liberal", but both of us convinced, through long careers, that large
  • Date: 6/26/16 11:35 AM
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...I'd be concerned that with all of the financial and political turmoil in Great Britain... with the recent vote, with Scotland threatening to break away, and Shin Fein making a renewed bid for a united Ireland......

..... a certain
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Take me back to where I was.
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