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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/27/14 6:04 PM
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If you can figure out a way to test the hypothesis "There is a god", let me know.

That's not my job. I'm not the one asserting that "there is a god." Neither am I asserting "there is a Santa Claus" or
  • Date: 12/27/14 12:01 PM
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All science requires is that a phenomenon be observable, repeatable, and eventually) explainable.

You are correct.

Which is precisely the reason the question of God is not a scientific question and not within the sphere of
  • Date: 12/27/14 11:55 AM
  • Number: 1977335
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let's hear about racism some more!

No need.

We get our daily dose of the evils inflicted by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other black oppressors of the white race- from you, Willy.
  • Date: 12/26/14 11:56 PM
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We agree. Posting that science makes the case for God is an obvious troll tactic.

I can't speak to motives, but posting that science makes the case for God is as uninformed as posting that science makes the case for "not
  • Date: 12/26/14 10:30 PM
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Anyway, I'm glad that as early as high school (a Catholic one)
I was taught not to mix science and faith.



Me too
  • Date: 12/26/14 8:07 PM
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Then why do Christians keep pushing the opposite?

Fundamentalists push the question because they lack a proper understanding of the limits of both theology and science.

But this is not characteristic of all Christians.
  • Date: 12/26/14 5:00 PM
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Science doesn't make the case for any god or gods.

Let's hope not. Science would be treading into territory that is beyond it's defined scope of inquiry.

The question of God is not a scientific question.
  • Date: 12/26/14 11:53 AM
  • Number: 1977268
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Just the circle of life, eh?


Mostly your right wing circle jerk, Willy.
  • Date: 12/25/14 3:19 PM
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Never defend, attack attack attack.

No matter how wrong, attack.

Never apologize, never back down

We are acquainted with the Republican playbook.

No need to quote from it.
  • Date: 12/25/14 3:06 PM
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But they are insular (Understandably), with there own tense insensitive language and recognizable dialect.

Gated communities.... rednecks speaking with unrecognizable tense structure... that's no way to speak about white people.
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Take me back to where I was.
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