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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/22/17 3:03 PM
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Those too, goof.

In Northern Maine, they were deafening.

Might be another couple of weeks before we hear them.
  • Date: 3/22/17 2:54 PM
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Nothing political about this post....

This morning I heard something I hadn't heard for over 50 years.

Back then, my family built a cabin on a beaver pond in northern Maine- the Allagash- miles and miles of pine and deep
  • Date: 3/20/17 10:53 PM
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t's only charity if Churches or individuals do it. If the govt. gets involved it becomes an entitlement.

Thank you for your comments.

The math still doesn't work.
  • Date: 3/20/17 9:59 PM
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A HOUSE Intelligence Committee hearing Monday produced the remarkable spectacle of FBI Director James B. Comey publicly testifying that there was “no information that supports” tweets by President Trump alleging wiretapping of his New York
  • Date: 3/20/17 9:26 PM
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We've all heard it.

Get the government out of the charity business- food stamps, welfare, Section 8 housing... as well as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

Let the churches take care of it.....

  • Date: 3/20/17 8:41 PM
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AKA: "Commissars"

  • Date: 3/20/17 3:03 PM
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Just be careful you don't confuse your palette with your tin of smoked wild kippers.</i?

Would never confuse those!

Just returned home from a week in Missouri- to find the case of kippered herring that I ordered- propped

  • Date: 3/20/17 5:00 AM
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If you seriously believe this about your fellow citizens, I feel sorry for you and your fellow travelers. I can only imagine what your sermons were as you spoke to your parish made up of folks with different points of view.


  • Date: 3/20/17 4:44 AM
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I posted on this earlier. I pointed out that the most important person in George Bush's life famously said: "to whom much is given, much is expected".

I grew up with those words as well.

Unfortunately, such
  • Date: 3/19/17 8:25 PM
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Take me back to where I was.
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