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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/21/17 10:55 AM
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Question: Why this obsession with Russia, given that you have no evidence what-so-ever to prove any of this?

That Russia is interfering in the Western democracies and supporting far-right candidates is supported by quite a bit of
  • Date: 3/20/17 4:24 AM
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Key findings

Russia’s covert influence operations are not
  • Date: 12/29/16 4:43 AM
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Well, 2016 is almost done. Personally, it wasn't the best year ever. I almost died in February from a collapsed lung. I'm 47, so that wasn't part of my plans. My wife had a strange viral infection during the summer. My son ended up in
  • Date: 11/14/16 5:46 AM
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I feel like it's 2000 all over again, and not in a good way.

2000 was a good year. In February, I got married, I started my company, I called the stock market bubble and bailed out before the crash. I was young and free and life was
  • Date: 11/14/16 5:27 AM
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Apparently democrats think voting is less a civic responsibility and more like an entertainment option that competes with other interests.

Not entirely. Hillary is going to win the popular vote by quite a bit. Trump is likely going
  • Date: 11/14/16 4:52 AM
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Maybe in theory, but definitely not in practice. The places with less free market capitalism generally have the most downtrodden people, while the places with more free market capitalism tend to have the fewest downtrodden people. It's pretty
  • Date: 11/11/16 10:52 AM
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  • Date: 11/11/16 10:45 AM
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The Europeans pay an additional $7500 a year in taxes. Simple.


I actually agree with you.

The average French worker will pay a total of 48% in taxes (most of it in payroll taxes paid by employer, but all the
  • Date: 11/11/16 10:22 AM
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Canucks prefer to cluster in towns and cities for mutual protection, cable TV, snow plows and healthcare ... OK I have no idea if that is true but it must be on the internet somewhere.

If it is on the internet somewhere, then there
  • Date: 11/11/16 5:16 AM
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I think Obama's 3rd term as George W Bush wasn't so bad. That's why Obama has strong approval ratings right now.


Don't let the facts bother you, obviously.

Bush left office with the lowest
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Take me back to where I was.
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