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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/30/16 7:29 AM
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Instead, you libs prefer your patchwork quilt model where "multiculturalism" means "Absolutely in no way assimilate or make 1 concession to the parent society. Maintain your original way of life - no matter how effed up - and the
  • Date: 6/30/16 5:44 AM
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From the liberals at the Washington Times:

Trump has been asking members of foreign governments to donate to his campaign:
  • Date: 6/30/16 5:34 AM
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This is an issue where if people could put partisanship bundling of beliefs away for a minute a rational solution could be reached.

Yes, for example, like not allowing the sale of guns to the mentally ill and people with a history of
  • Date: 6/30/16 5:33 AM
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Anyway, my question still stands. If we know that Finland's educational system works brilliantly, why don't we copy it?

The Finns claim that their education system is built upon research which was all conducted in the USA. We
  • Date: 6/30/16 5:31 AM
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Our education system can compete with any country in the world on a level playing field. The problem isn't our educational system. The problem is poverty.

Could the problem also be that our schools are funded largely by property
  • Date: 6/29/16 10:02 AM
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The right will tell you that mental illness and domestic disputes are not a good reason to take away someone's constitutional right.
  • Date: 6/29/16 9:56 AM
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If the GB elite likes the EU so much, why have they sent an anti EU advocate to the EU parliament for the past 17 years?

I think the EU has been asking the same question for a while now.

It seems that the U.K. has always
  • Date: 6/29/16 6:03 AM
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That's what I like about Johnson: he's not Corrupt or Insane.

You mean the guy who wants to cut the federal budget by 43% and end the Federal Reserve?

Maybe that does not qualify as being insane, but those are wildly
  • Date: 6/29/16 5:50 AM
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She lied, a lot. Nobody cares.

It isn't that nobody cares. It is that the alternative is Trump, who also lies a lot.
  • Date: 6/29/16 4:33 AM
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I can't rewrite official history...

But yet you try:-)
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Take me back to where I was.
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