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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/31/15 11:04 AM
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There are no perfect deals: by Samm Nunn and Richard Lugar
  • Date: 8/26/15 10:29 AM
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I don't think I ever predicted oil being over $150--not even in 2008. If I clicked on the poll, I probably would have guessed $70-$100.

I definitely didn't think we'd see it under $40.
  • Date: 8/25/15 4:01 AM
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This is from March of this year, but I just stumbled upon it and found it more insightful than most of what I have read about ISIS:
  • Date: 8/21/15 4:00 AM
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If I were the GOP boss and could wave a wand - I'd go with John Kasich and Suzanna Martinez as VP.

From an electoral college view, I agree with you.

One thing that I haven't seen from anyone on either side is mastery of the
  • Date: 8/21/15 3:50 AM
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As the primaries get closer, never forget the Bush Machine. The Bush's have created this "we are nice guys" image when in reality - they will cut your n*ts off in an election - they are the best at it. So if Trump truly is a threat - -
  • Date: 8/21/15 3:35 AM
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Unless this country has REALLY gone BSC, she wins against all of them. Otherwise, we are toast.

You haven't noticed? The country went BSC about 12 years ago and just when you thought it would recover, along came the Tea Party and
  • Date: 8/20/15 11:28 AM
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Then there's politics and electoral maps: I merely challenge the Right as to how they intend to win elections without the Rust Belt. I think my logic is sound: The Right isnt' winning Latinos, Muslims, Single Women or Millenials but the White
  • Date: 8/20/15 8:27 AM
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Nice post, Jedi.

I see you've been giving them hell over at RECF and they are ready to toss you off the board. I don't know if it was your intention, but I've had some good laughs recently reading your replies to the regulars over
  • Date: 8/20/15 3:37 AM
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In 2007, just as he left office, Bush secured a job as a Lehman consultant for $1.3 million a year.

This is the private sector/business experience which everyone says is so important for a President to have these days.
  • Date: 8/14/15 10:00 AM
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Just remember, IS members who are in the U.S. legally have the right to purchase any kind of firearm they want and we should oppose any kind of background checks. The NRA tells us so.
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Take me back to where I was.
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