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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/11/18 9:42 PM
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LOL. That sort of thing is useless here, and it'll be useless there, but tell your cousin to knock herself out. Doing useless things that make you feel good about yourself doesn't move the needle in the universe, but for those who need
  • Date: 7/11/18 10:37 AM
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She lives down the road from Blenheim.

Trump isn’t just going to “Oxfordshire”, tomorrow he will be half a mile away, at Blenheim. I’m looking for other elderly widows to join me mooning, with the slogan “Rumps for Trump. ‘ in the hope
  • Date: 7/10/18 10:05 AM
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You're talking about creating a massive new suburb. Which will probably be an environmental disaster, since you're looking a big shift out of (relatively) green urban living into a huge new suburb - a vast increase in auto
  • Date: 7/6/18 10:03 PM
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Things that make you go "Hmmmm."

Not really. Hikind is anything but a mainstream Democrat. He's big in Hasidic circles.

  • Date: 7/6/18 9:12 PM
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....and actual scenes of the left's display of hate.

You mean, like "Blood and soil"?

  • Date: 7/6/18 4:31 PM
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<i >Such a sage.

Seriously, do the Republicans in the leadership and not know that this man is seriously demented?

Exhibit A.

  • Date: 7/6/18 4:13 PM
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Such a sage.

Only in America...or Chelm.

  • Date: 7/6/18 10:40 AM
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Curious how this has any relevance to the OP post?

Think about it. [The quote is not exactly about the price of cheese in Denmark]

  • Date: 7/6/18 10:20 AM
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... is not a right, just as the “right” to healthcare is not a right. There is no right to trespass or steal, but Democrat-Socialists believe otherwise because their ethics are inverted.

The existence of such a right notwithstanding,
  • Date: 7/6/18 8:07 AM
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dare you to watch the entire video and see for yourselves what you've become...

OK, so what have we become, LM?

If Straka thinks that Trump World is to be his new home, then he is as deluded as Trump himself is
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Take me back to where I was.
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