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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/20/17 10:36 AM
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So there are some comments about how Tesla might make higher margins than a
traditional auto manufacturer due to cutting out the "middleman" of the dealer.

I am a bit familiar with the dealership business and would invite
  • Date: 11/28/15 9:46 AM
  • Number: 220785
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First of all the equity part or paid in capital is related to the options issued to employees rather than selling equity to raise capital or cash

And salaries aren't a real expense? Or maybe you are saying that Amazon generated
  • Date: 3/12/17 11:15 PM
  • Number: 228481
  • Recommendations: 39

Your post comes across as sanctimonious backslapping to me. The sort that
usually accompanies a price run up in Berky shares. Granted, this is a bit rich
coming from me (pot meet kettle).

Regardless, although I
  • Date: 1/22/16 4:59 PM
  • Number: 221959
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Since I am apparently the resident IBM cheerleader, I'll bite. Let me see if I can just make bullet points and not turn this into War and Peace.

1) The results for this quarter were not surprising, all the bad stuff had already been
  • Date: 11/1/16 6:51 PM
  • Number: 226619
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I don't know how many other people have seen the following amusing (to
me at least) custom 404 error page that the FT site throws up (yeah, I
am bored).

Why wasn't this page found?

We asked some leading
  • Date: 6/30/17 9:33 PM
  • Number: 230192
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Some general comments:

1) I am not a fan of investing in big banks (even though I have been doing it for a
while). For one, the accounting has very specific quirks and minefields. Second, even
if you understand the quirks,
  • Date: 11/29/15 9:22 AM
  • Number: 220788
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Don't beat yourself. You have demonstrated very little cognoscenti. I don't get offended when an ignorant person indulges in disparaging.

You are certainly right that I am an ignorant lout. I don't understand Amazon at all. Further,
  • Date: 10/25/16 6:04 PM
  • Number: 24519
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Ok, so I have lurked this board for over a decade now, but since no one
seems to be pointing out the obvious (at least if you have followed PSA
for a while) I feel a public service announcement is required (hey the
  • Date: 1/25/16 2:05 PM
  • Number: 222020
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I hope you're joking about leaving, TransverseSlice?

Just venting frustrations about a lot of things and

1) Coach we are behind you and the team no matter what, as
long as you draw or win.

  • Date: 10/20/15 5:14 PM
  • Number: 219834
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The return on incremental capital continues to drift lower and therein lies the issue.

Oh c'mon. You are going to have to do better than that. I am calling bulls***. Let's just look at ROA, with assets excluding financing assets and
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