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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/18/18 2:07 PM
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I hold a medium size position in FB. I have been seriously considering selling it in the face of these changes to the news feed which is the life blood of FB.

Some folks think this will boost user engagement over time. Apparently Zuck
  • Date: 1/11/18 1:35 PM
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Hi Gaucho,
I guess I wasn't very clear. I didn't really mean that at $9B NKTR was out of reach as an acquisition. Most certainly there have been a ton of M&A with higher price tags. What I did mean was that the field of suitors is
  • Date: 1/10/18 12:41 AM
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NKTR is about 6% of my portfolio, but it was closer to 3% when I bought it. I didn't have any deep insight. I just thought that their pain drug will probably get FDA approval (I think sometime in April is the speculative date). With more folks
  • Date: 1/9/18 2:33 AM
  • Number: 35608
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what extent 5G invalidates or supports the investment thesis in players like Arista, Applied Optio, IPGP, etc.

Whatever you are alluding to here completely escapes me. Care to elaborate?
  • Date: 1/8/18 2:27 PM
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Thanks for the prompt reply. When I was still working I sat on a panel of architects that had the job of reviewing vendor offerings that made decisions (based on technical merits, finance guys also had a call on this re/ vendor financial
  • Date: 1/8/18 1:25 AM
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You appear to be at least familiar with BI tools, ETL tools, etc. so maybe your information is more current than mine. I was an Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 50 company and this stuff was in my bailiwick. But, I retired in 2010 and
  • Date: 1/8/18 1:07 AM
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There are a couple of important "ifs" in your evaluation. And then, as is always true with any investment there are all the "ifs" that you aren't aware of.

If there's anything I've learned from
  • Date: 1/8/18 12:51 AM
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I don't recall exactly when I stumbled across this board, but it was pretty early on. Actually, as a Fool I was already familiar with and impressed by Saul. I had read a post authored by him on some other board (long since forgotten) which
  • Date: 1/5/18 11:57 AM
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Tesla, more specifically, Elon Musk is fascinating. No, I wouldn't put a penny in the company. If I could afford it, I'm not even sure I would buy a Tesla. I'd worry about owning a car after the maker went bust and there was
  • Date: 1/5/18 11:06 AM
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Thanks Matt, that actually helps.

I wonder how long Dorsey can keep to that schedule, 18 hour days have got to take a toll.
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Take me back to where I was.
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