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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/30/15 5:33 PM
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“Sneering at religion is juvenile, symptomatic of a stunted imagination.”

Not really. Among things to sneer at, religion and politics rank up there. If we can't satirize religion, we're in a lot worse trouble than having a lot of
  • Date: 7/30/15 3:30 PM
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Presumably this "half the country is subsidized" rhetoric is the same as Mitt Romney's 47% statistic, right? The idea that basically half of this country don't pay taxes (so therefore they must be subsidized).

Let's leave aside
  • Date: 7/26/15 12:44 PM
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"You are confusing successful election strategy with public opinion, which is the subject of this thread. "

I am not confusing anything. Public opinion is registered by sucessful elections.

No it isn't.
  • Date: 7/26/15 12:35 PM
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Apparently you and your reccing fools are OK with your Doctor and your Auto mechanics working in secret on your behalf, violating the established rules and standards of their professions as the deal with you, and in short flat out lying to you.
  • Date: 7/26/15 2:08 AM
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"But yes, the Clinton's style of politics can be considered "amoral," and even Machiavellian at times. But at least we know what we get with the Clintons, and along with their maddening personal moral failings (of which I'm sure
  • Date: 7/25/15 12:30 PM
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Actually what is killing the Republican Party is a lack of amorality

I have to believe that either you are joking, or I am misunderstanding your post. Are you actually insinuating that the Republican clown car is full of moral
  • Date: 7/25/15 12:12 PM
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The public esteem is so low that the last 2 Congressional elections effected a sea change of representatives for the Republicans in the House and the Senate.

You are confusing successful election strategy with public opinion, which
  • Date: 7/25/15 10:49 AM
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There’s no way to draw a straight line between the rise of Donald Trump and the fact that a Pew Research Center poll found that public opinion of the Republican Party is at is lowest level in the history of the poll

Oh yes there is!
  • Date: 7/15/15 1:50 PM
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There are a few thousand different religions and quite a few non-religious sources of moral codes

Like what? What moral code precedes the Ten Commandments?

Native American tribes had sophisticated moral codes that had
  • Date: 7/14/15 2:13 AM
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Let's repeat for the millionth time: Government does NOT create jobs. Only the private sector does.

Heh heh. For five years, the Obamaphobes were screaming from the mountaintops that government stimulus doesn't create jobs. Now that
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Take me back to where I was.
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