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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/21/14 10:36 PM
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Ever since the Great Recession, it seems that we have had to endure an endless amount of gloating about how some red states were faring better than average. Invariably the states whose economies were doing better than average were oil extractions
  • Date: 12/12/14 10:01 AM
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Rebranding might be just the thing for the low information nutjobs. Since 74% of Republicans are happy with their Obamacare plans, you shouldn't scoff at the idea:

  • Date: 12/12/14 2:09 AM
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Does Beverley Hills Maher have any idea where US electricity comes from? How it is generated in the US. When you ride with Maher you ride with King Coal, then some nuclear and then some natural gas. 6% renewable.

According to the
  • Date: 12/10/14 9:56 AM
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However, this did make me think about religious education in school, and that perhaps it should be compulsory. A study of all the world's major religions, past and present, would be quite enlightening to a lot of kids (and their
  • Date: 12/10/14 9:45 AM
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Especially in this hemisphere, eliminate drug related killing by any means and you will have a huge impact. But please don't credit or discredit gun laws by looking at murder rate comparisons where guns are not even necessarily the weapons being
  • Date: 12/10/14 9:32 AM
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What's interesting about the religious test issue is that sometimes I hear the "America is a Christian nation" folks use it as evidence for their case! They point to the religious test for public office that were common before the
  • Date: 12/8/14 9:52 AM
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What you really want to look at is jobs as a percent of the total labor force. And here's what you get....The Obama recovery isn't just a little bit better than the Bush recovery. It's miles better.

Yes, but the next argument is
  • Date: 12/6/14 2:51 PM
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How to explain, then, the wealthy, successful black person driving to his home in an upscale neighborhood being stopped and questioned by the police for no other reason than he was black and he was there? How to explain that?

  • Date: 12/5/14 9:33 AM
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The poorest, least educated, predominately black kids are still facing de facto segretation and inferior school systems in decaying neighborhoods as a direct and proximate result of white people not only fleeing but taking the banks, industry,
  • Date: 12/4/14 9:42 AM
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Going about everyday life, buying a pellet gun, picking up your kids from school, or just walking down the street with your hands in your pockets because its snowing, you're taking your life in your hands, not from criminals or the usual set of
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Take me back to where I was.
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