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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/19/16 4:33 AM
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When ever I see graphs/data like that, my first question is are we really comparing "apples to apples". It has been established that not all countries count live births the same.

I think that the OECD countries
  • Date: 8/13/16 1:00 AM
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These two statements are not precisely at odds:

1. I just saw Sen Bob Bennett's son on TV saying he can't support Trump because Trump does not represent the values of the Republican Party.


2. If we
  • Date: 8/12/16 8:34 PM
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Any sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice.

That is a truly awesome quote.

There's a another thing that has been cropping up recently - Trump's comment as "stochastic
  • Date: 8/8/16 3:39 AM
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A) They are not obscure. Why do you have to hide behind Big Lie tactics?
B) I notice your failure to defend your fellow citizens against governmental abuse. When you get around to actually answering the points, I'll start taking you

  • Date: 8/8/16 3:36 AM
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I see we're back to bashing the pollsters, in particular Nate Silver, without understanding their methodology.
I'm getting flashbacks to 2012.
  • Date: 8/8/16 3:32 AM
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A look at the Army’s annual marksmanship clinic for children aged 9 to 18

I was 13 before the Bundeswehr let me shoot a G3 at one of their events :)
  • Date: 8/7/16 3:43 AM
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Still, in the future, our combined estates will be much larger unless we go on stupid spending spree. Even then, it will be larger.

From what you said in this thread it appears that your plan in life is to work hard, pile up an
  • Date: 8/7/16 3:18 AM
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Medicine is easy. Tax laws are complicated.

I absolutely agree. I charge higher prices for anything involving "tax".
In particular "US taxes".
I have done numerous German>English and English>German
  • Date: 8/5/16 12:57 PM
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Why should I give anymore to the government than is required by law?

You don't give anything.
You are not taxed.
The money isn't yours anymore; you are DEAD.
Gone to the angels.
Shuffled off
  • Date: 8/4/16 11:43 PM
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I guess we need to investigate trusts and other tax avoidance issues.

Why? Why do you think it is important for you to pass on your entire wealth, undiminished, to your children?
What kind of a tax burden would you expect under
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Take me back to where I was.
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