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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/8/14 2:59 AM
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They left because they thought the Arab armies would win in...1948.

Is that sentence not obviously absurd?
They left because they were afraid they would be killed by one side or another.
In war, people flee, because they
  • Date: 7/7/14 6:22 PM
  • Number: 1946539
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I'm not offended by stupidity. Saddened perhaps. I dislike the need for extermination. Sometimes there isn't an alternative.

Strangely, the Israeli Arabs aren't lining up as suicide bombers.
Really weird, I wonder what
  • Date: 7/7/14 12:14 PM
  • Number: 1946436
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If I occupy land it is effectively mine to do with as I like.

You think that after occupying Iraq, the US could have expropriated the Iraqis and driven them out of their homes?
  • Date: 7/7/14 12:10 PM
  • Number: 1946434
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See, this is exactly the kind of double speak I expect from you - anything we do is evil and nothing they do matters.

No, it's not - but the US is the self-declared primary ally of Israel. Israel is the largest recipient of US
  • Date: 7/7/14 10:18 AM
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The day the PLO apologizes in Arabic for this act of war is the day I start giving a rat's hind end about the Palestinian cause.

The US has been funding and arming the oppressors of the Palestinians for decades.
You made
  • Date: 7/7/14 6:09 AM
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In 1967, Arab armies prepared to do what they failed to do in 1948 until Israel turned the tables. Why do we pretend that everything would have been just fine and dandy if Israel hadn't conquered the West Bank and Gaza Strip? It wasn't fine

  • Date: 7/6/14 7:26 PM
  • Number: 1946311
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So why play nice?

It's not a question of "playing nice".
The settlements are making any future deal impossible.
If you have enough settlements on the ground, there's nothing to negotiate anymore. The only thing
  • Date: 7/6/14 4:53 PM
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I'm not a fan of the settlements and there are, clearly, extremists in Israel that the government needs to deal with. However, it is one thing to question the settlements and quite another to extrapolate from there that Israel does not want
  • Date: 7/6/14 9:25 AM
  • Number: 1946205
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Israel wants peace, contrary to your baseless assertion. They just aren't stupid enough to believe you get that peace from laying down your arms. Neville Chamberlains they are not.

first of all, kind of as a preamble,
  • Date: 7/5/14 7:52 PM
  • Number: 1946157
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The settlement building is a minor piece of the issue.

As usual, you make ludicrous statements with great confidence about things you know next to nothing about.
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Take me back to where I was.
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