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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/13/16 12:46 PM
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This is a post about investing.

It is also a post about the Apocalypse, and I guess even a little bit of a post about religion, although that is not my intent; the religion is just part of the color of the event reported.

It is
  • Date: 4/9/16 1:33 AM
  • Number: 494089
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Hi everybody. It has been a long time . . .

I apologize -- this post is ridiculously off topic, and as I read it I see it does not even make much sense. I had to try to write something; I wish I could do more for the old guy. But I fear
  • Date: 2/24/16 10:34 PM
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By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

Several years ago, one of my daughters spent the summer in the High Rockies doing research for the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Every morning before dawn
  • Date: 2/9/16 7:07 PM
  • Number: 489579
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The recent market slump seems to have demoralized just about everyone.

Fortunately, as an inveterate grump and industry-leading curmudgeon, I am immune to such things. It is hard for events to demoralize someone who lives in a perpetual
  • Date: 1/8/16 5:26 PM
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Hi Wendy,

It is always a pleasure to hear from you!

Forgive me for wandering away from the intent of your post; it is in my nature, and I trust you will understand.

1. Do something you love, with energy and passion.
  • Date: 10/26/15 10:16 PM
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Tomorrow will bring fear and sadness. The news will be grim there is really no chance it will be anything else -- and the world will change.

I have endured these moments before. The doctor speaks calmly, gravely, just words, sounds,
  • Date: 7/31/15 2:52 AM
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I am not sure what the boundaries of appropriate discourse are on this board if this post is too political, please go ahead and FA it. I mostly want my kids to read it, and they will read it right after I post it. I could not think of any way to
  • Date: 5/24/15 9:14 PM
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3. And finally this: In my view, which is admittedly a minority view within linguistics and philosophy, mathematics is an extension of natural language, not a separate language-like entity that only specialists can understand. To be blunt,
  • Date: 5/4/15 7:20 PM
  • Number: 915
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My second thought is that I like paying taxes.

OK, that does it I can see that these message boards have completed their move into lands that are quite alien to me. It is time for me to move on (not from the excellent service,
  • Date: 5/2/15 11:33 PM
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It is simple, really . . . .

Ho! I am the famous Wonder-Bush;
Light me on fire and I talk!
Put in some batteries, pull out the string,
Wind me up and I walk!

Yes I am Eucalyptus;
I am the Koala King.
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Take me back to where I was.
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