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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/22/14 3:15 PM
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Whoops, I posted by accident under my Hidden Gems name of Chance Elder Dancer. I was honestly a bit rattled by the news.

So let me second my thoughts of support under the name you are more familiar with.

  • Date: 12/10/14 10:57 PM
  • Number: 7785
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This is Sammie, my Dad said I could do one post to wish you happy holidays.

happy holidays!

  • Date: 12/10/14 8:22 PM
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OK, if Ed can take some time off, so can I.

This my “have a worried holiday” post, featuring the three grumpy G’s: Gross; Grantham; and Ghussman (the “g” is silent).

Perhaps today was nothing, a normal fluctuation, an outlier in
  • Date: 12/10/14 12:54 PM
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Jim loves this service like a proud dad, and his anger when he feels it's being mistreated in any way is fearsome to behold! :)

Ha ha, I agree!

I figured out a long time ago that you do not heckle a professional comedian at
  • Date: 12/9/14 12:55 AM
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Wow, that's very leveraged -- seems super-risky to me. Sure hope you're with a broker charging low interest on margin debt, such as IB, at least. But even so, I'd dial down the leverage -- and beta: AINV with a beta of 1.16 is anything but of
  • Date: 12/8/14 8:39 PM
  • Number: 17677
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Hi Anurag,

My plan is to have my overall portfolio allocated 40% to Pro, 30% to VWENX, 15% to VWIAX, 15% to HG selections, 10% to RB picks, 15% to bond funds or their ilk (AINV, for example), and 25% to M* Dividend Investor
  • Date: 12/6/14 12:28 AM
  • Number: 6634
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So, I am considering trying to write calls against these positions, hoping they never get exercised but maybe relieved if I have to get rid of some of these dogs (OII, NOV, WPRT).

Is my thinking foolish or Foolish?

  • Date: 12/5/14 4:31 PM
  • Number: 17648
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Since I was a curmudgeon in a response to Anurag, who is one of my favorite contributors in the MF universe (I particularly enjoyed the post-GG discussion of MDP on the MDP boards), let me pass on one of the most valuable investing lessons I have
  • Date: 12/5/14 11:23 AM
  • Number: 17639
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Going forward, I would like to create hedges and reduce volatility and I understand that to achieve that I have to give up the high growth that I have been experiencing. I know that you cannot give personal advice so I won't ask for one. That is
  • Date: 12/3/14 10:47 AM
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One crazy idea I never spent any time following up on was starting a company to do the trading and letting friends and family invest by buying shares. Gains could be returned as dividends or reinvested.

It seems like that would be

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Take me back to where I was.
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