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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/30/12 11:59 PM
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Sandy was a grim and terrible tragedy, but it is the nature of things that it was also something else: a beacon illuminating the selflessness and heroism of so many of our brothers and sisters.

Years ago, a natural disaster of far less
  • Date: 1/8/13 8:37 PM
  • Number: 413041
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. . . because there is not a “Weird Ideas That Will Not Interest Anybody” board.

What follows is an idiosyncratic way of looking at things. I do not recommend it; I do not pretend that it is in any way correct; it just happens to be the
  • Date: 3/2/15 1:32 AM
  • Number: 468944
  • Recommendations: 119
I went back to the ridge a couple of weeks ago, to pay one last visit to an old friend.

Gib was there, and Elmer, and about fifteen other people from down in Least Weasel Hollow. We gathered in front of the old clapboard church, stamping
  • Date: 8/17/14 5:47 PM
  • Number: 456806
  • Recommendations: 116
I have hardly posted at all for a while now, mostly because I have come to realize that I do not have anything interesting to say. The things that happen up here on the ridge seem fascinating to me, but when I contemplate mentioning them here, they
  • Date: 5/23/13 12:55 AM
  • Number: 423564
  • Recommendations: 109
When I saw Linda sitting on my cabin steps, my heart kind of stopped for a minute. She is pretty busy, and she wouldn’t have driven all the way up the ridge without an important reason – one that she did not feel comfortable sharing by
  • Date: 3/24/13 1:16 PM
  • Number: 418750
  • Recommendations: 104
This is a really long and boring post, but I am requiring my five kids to read it and discuss it with me. For everyone else, the useful and interesting content of this post is that portion where the text is in bright red all-caps font.

  • Date: 4/5/13 4:27 AM
  • Number: 419714
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Well, I am back. I did manage to post on the ever-joyful topic of gout during my trip, but otherwise stayed mum.

And I have to say that this post is about as Off Topic as a post could be, and it does not really go anywhere at all. I am
  • Date: 9/9/12 2:16 PM
  • Number: 403440
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I was down in the new marsh above the pond. It used to be a meadow, but the spring storms caved in part of the ridge, interrupting the natural riparian flow, so now instead of a meadow and a pond I have two marshes, one waxing and one waning.
  • Date: 1/25/14 12:08 PM
  • Number: 442929
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I am going to ramble a bit. There is a tiny bit about investing in this post, but not much. You have been warned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  • Date: 2/25/13 3:52 PM
  • Number: 416679
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I have received a number of emails asking about the origin of my nom-de-mouse (“A Drumlin Daisy”). At the risk of boring many to respond to the few, I will answer here.

Back in the day, before I came to believe that there is something very
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Take me back to where I was.
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