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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/3/15 5:02 PM
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A guy goes to the grocery store and sees an attractive woman waving at him. She smiles and says "Hello." He can't remember how he knows her. She looks familiar, though.

"Do you know me?

" I think you're
  • Date: 9/3/15 3:59 PM
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Here is the oath of office taken by court clerks and deputies in Kentucky:

Every clerk and deputy, in addition to the oath prescribed by Section 228 of the Constitution, shall, before entering on the duties of his office, take the
  • Date: 9/2/15 8:26 AM
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"I have to wonder:

How many of those supporting Kim Davis's refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples based on her religious objections would support a Quaker government official who would refuse to issue gun
  • Date: 8/30/15 6:16 PM
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Bernie, on CNN's "State of the Union," boasted about his lifetime voting grade of D- with the NRA:

I do not accept the fact I have been weak on this issue. In fact, I have been strong on this issue. I come from a rural
  • Date: 8/26/15 8:41 AM
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He's referred to himself in the past as a "racial realist." Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke recently praised Donald Trump for his tough stance on undocumented immigrants, which Duke called the "greatest immediate threat
  • Date: 8/21/15 10:07 PM
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When former President Jimmy Carter announced he had cancer, many were sympathetic and offered best wishes. While the majority of the responses were positive, not everyone was as caring. Fox News fans rejoiced.

That's Karma, Jimmy,
  • Date: 8/20/15 9:05 AM
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Personally, I'd prefer that restaurants everywhere just pay a real wage, raise prices accordingly, and allow us to do away with this whole tipping nonsense.

I forwarded your post to my oldest daughter, who is undoubtedly
  • Date: 8/19/15 9:19 PM
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What if the political-media establishment is wrong? What if Trump really is electable, if donkeys fly and he actually wins the White House. We studied economic and social policies Trump has endorsed and applied a "bit of
  • Date: 8/18/15 11:53 AM
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A recent Gallup poll shows an increasing number of Americans support labor unions. 58% of respondents had a favorable view of unions, up from 53% a year ago, and up 10 percentage points from a low of 48% during the Great Recession....The increase
  • Date: 8/16/15 11:24 AM
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DW had a 1 1/2 hour procedure last Thursday to relieve significant pressure on a nerve near her spine. Her symptoms have already started to disappear, enough that we were able to walk for 40 minutes this morning. World-record speed for seniors
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Take me back to where I was.
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