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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/22/14 6:08 PM
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Estimates 130 vs. 310,000...May and Sept.
  • Date: 9/19/14 10:20 AM
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Yesterday, the Speaker expressed his disgust about a chronically high jobless rate. What's a major contributor to that 6.1% jobless rate, according to Boehner? Simple. (Quoting....) It's the "very sick idea" that the unemployed would
  • Date: 9/16/14 3:01 PM
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During his show yesterday, the 4-time-married armpit of conservative talk radio read from Ohio State's policy on campus sexual assault. It says, in part:

After you and your partner decide youíre gonna have sex, you have to agree on
  • Date: 9/15/14 2:00 PM
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Jobs in accommodation, or hotels and lodging for travelers, have grown by 120,000 since the beginning of the recovery, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is despite low pay and fairly demanding physical requirements. Housekeeping
  • Date: 9/14/14 11:36 AM
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The herd of "cows" is big--real big and thus real scary. Wealthy Persian Gulf donations per se are down, now that the ISIS barbarism is well- known. But does that particularly bother this amoral group of savages? Not so
  • Date: 9/13/14 1:11 PM
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Richard Reynoso, a miffed WMT employee from California, sent a letter to WMT Bentonville HQ on Monday. He said he couldnít afford to comply with a new dress code effective September 29. It was written on letterhead with the logo of a union-backed
  • Date: 9/10/14 3:26 PM
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Reid, mincing no words this morning on the Senate floor:

"There are people here in Congress who are taking advice from Dick Cheney. I think they better be very careful with the advice that they take from Dick Cheney. Cheney is more
  • Date: 9/9/14 5:19 PM
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(Article Title = "GA State Senator Complains That Voting 'Too Convenient' for Black People")

One of Georgiaís largest counties announced last week it will allow early voting on a Sunday in late October and will open an early
  • Date: 9/7/14 6:53 PM
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(seen on the former Sec. of Labor's FB page, posted verbatim)


"I have a conservative friend with whom I make it a point to have lunch at least once a month. Why? I like him, but thatís not the main reason. He makes
  • Date: 9/6/14 4:26 PM
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Cheney caused uproar before he is to speak at a Wyoming legal convention after a submission of his bio bashed Obama's "weakening of America across the globe." The WY State Bar invited him to give the keynote address at their convention
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Take me back to where I was.
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