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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/20/18 11:29 AM
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Pray tell... what are you doing then?

..unfortunately, once I post, there's nothing I can do, at least for two days..

..but I figured the board could make better use of the suggestion, than if I harbored it to
  • Date: 7/20/18 11:12 AM
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..oops, lost track of the day..

..I was guessing it was Thursday, and was getting myself ready to go hunt some fish, when it hit me I'd better check my weekly calendar, my pill box..

..evidently, it correctly identified that
  • Date: 7/20/18 9:52 AM
  • Number: 38453
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..could be a doggie..

..could be a value play..

..could be a value trap..

..but one to look at this morning..

..good luck..
  • Date: 7/19/18 8:31 PM
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Is anybody thinking about a synthetic long with the recent price drop on Netflix?

..hey popsjohn, I'm sure you'll get a response or two over at the SA options board..

..there are folks there who really know
  • Date: 7/19/18 8:16 PM
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24% of Tesla Model 3 orders have been canceled, analyst says

Tesla is finally making enough cars -- it just can't sell enough of them.
Cancellations for Model 3 orders have picked up in recent weeks. Refunds now

  • Date: 7/18/18 7:31 PM
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..great article hoagie!..

..interesting perspective on the potential benefits FDX may incur as a result of Amazon perusing the least profitable "last mile" in shipping...and should Trump nail the USPS for undercharging
  • Date: 7/18/18 1:34 PM
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while other boards are flooded with pretty much meaningless posts.

..ok, I'll try to cut back..

  • Date: 7/17/18 10:42 AM
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There simply is no operations discipline evident in the manufacturing process to drive a substantial gross margin margins perhaps, but gross?..

..what does 'operations discipline' have to do with gross
  • Date: 7/17/18 9:51 AM
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Who notes if churn was low, then slowing subscriber growth means the company is treading water, but if subscribers are leaving the service as well as not being replaced with new subscribers, that would be a major indicator of a problem with
  • Date: 7/16/18 9:46 PM
  • Number: 46137
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Musk himself admitted that at one point 100 Model 3s were made with the wrong headlamps

..not the 'wrong' headlamp, but without the 'right' headlamp (right side of the vehicle)..'s the
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Take me back to where I was.
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