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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/6/16 6:19 PM
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..that's great..

..but I'd like someone to actually test the feature..

..put an obstacle out there in the driveway, so the Tesla can't fully back out.. what does it do?..

..does the Tesla back out halfway
  • Date: 2/6/16 1:59 PM
  • Number: 87
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Well given the choice between a goat and any of the Republican candidates, I'd vote for the goat, if I had a vote.

..a goat in charge of sheep?..

..a disruption in the natural order, for sure..
  • Date: 2/6/16 1:13 PM
  • Number: 22822
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As for thing breaking down, for an older home I would definitely consider a home warranty plan. They can save a lot of headache and money. have to learn to fix things yourself.. is great for
  • Date: 2/6/16 12:27 PM
  • Number: 79
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..interesting read..

..I think, however, that proponents of the second amendment historically neglect the first phrase, as did this writer.. reads, in its entirety:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary
  • Date: 2/6/16 11:44 AM
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He will never learn that we are a nation of immigrants

..he's married, and been married to a couple of immigrants, his Mother, and Grandfather were immigrants as well, if I'm not mistaken..

..anything he says about
  • Date: 2/6/16 11:39 AM
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If Trump is elected President, I think I will move to Iceland. I know Chris is moving to Ireland. And you may want to pick a place before he deports you.

..I'd certainly leave NYC and find someplace less
  • Date: 2/5/16 3:24 PM
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What about the creepy things he says about his daughter?

..I think Trump is a bit like Howard Stern..

..he says the things that everyone thinks, but no one is willing to say.. it creepy, or
  • Date: 2/5/16 3:05 PM
  • Number: 16831
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What is OTOH.

..on the other hand..

..I always type everything out in full, as I find it easier to read..

..and I'm aging, and can't keep up with them anyway..

..I had a studio manager once who could
  • Date: 2/5/16 2:22 PM
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I think he will probably make one of the finest US president ever.

..what's ironic, is Trump's self supported campaign may have the effect of rewriting campaign finance inequities, especially in lieu of the 10's of millions of
  • Date: 2/5/16 2:02 PM
  • Number: 21731
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..well, this has been quite a week..

..apparently, the community members who actually post to the community board ruffled the feathers of some.. person responded with what I felt was a misguided attack, and blammo, the
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Take me back to where I was.
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