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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/25/17 10:49 AM
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..hey Rob, I was wondering..

..airplanes have transponders, which communicate both to ground controllers, and also plane to plane for collision avoidance..

..I would think the technology is available for transponders aboard ships,
  • Date: 6/25/17 7:50 AM
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The Maybe Pile will make its debut on July 14.

..FYI, this particular story was loosely based on my living room...and if successful, plans are in the works to offer story growth to the kitchen, bedrooms and
  • Date: 6/23/17 7:29 PM
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Having a cash cushion isn't for everyone. For some it works. I can do as well with a cash cushion, not holding any losers in my portfolio, only the great names that have been leading this market like AMZN and FB and a few other names like
  • Date: 6/23/17 7:20 PM
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What's on your list of stocks to buy on that envelope?

..I suppose adding to positions I already own..

..I expect a cash infusion once the TWX-T deal clears, and I'll be looking to add to FB, SHOP, AMZN for
  • Date: 6/23/17 11:04 AM
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Looks like a sector rotation from tech into health care is moving these stocks way higher. Also the senate health care bill has a chance of getting passed.

..seems odd to me, as I would have though that an 800 million dollar
  • Date: 6/23/17 10:34 AM
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..ok, looks like I may make it through a week without calamity, although there’s still time..


..much of the discussion on the markets these days revolves around being at the precipice of a terrible fall, with Fools
  • Date: 6/22/17 7:51 PM
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Any joiners?

Praying for clear skies.

..I'll be in Nashville..

..I've seen one before, in Antigua, nearly 20 years ago, and it was amazing..

..If you've never seen a total solar eclipse,
  • Date: 6/22/17 4:26 PM
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How many Oregonians does it take to eat roadkill?

..the beauty of this technique is the hunting and tenderizing are simultaneous..
  • Date: 6/22/17 11:38 AM
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If you want, I could say that SpaceX has little to do with Tesla and does divide Elon Musk's attention. can say whatever you'd like, but again, you keep moving the goal posts..

..I responded to the
  • Date: 6/22/17 11:04 AM
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Segment-specific results were impressive for the most part. The Freight segment reported revenue of $1.70 billion, up 6% from last year's $1.61 billion. However, due to lower average weight per packages, flat volume and higher wage expenses,
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Take me back to where I was.
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