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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/12/17 6:43 PM
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so the data center is going to operate from 6 to 12 hours a day depending upon the season and not at night? and zero hours on rainy days?

I don't get why you would bother responding like this. Do you really think a company like
  • Date: 11/7/17 10:58 AM
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I've been wondering for a while why Twitter and Facebook (and Google) have been reluctant to be more transparent about Russian ad purchases...I guess now we know:

  • Date: 11/5/17 12:16 PM
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The Bone Spur Buffoon is unfit to judge Bergdahl...

The irony is that the Buffoon's commentary and actions made it less likely that Bergdahl would get the kind of justice the Buffoon was crying for.* It's the same with the
  • Date: 11/3/17 12:40 PM
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Your boy, Donnie Trump, is doing great.

What a disappointing response. I thought you were better, I guess not. All you corporate Dems better do some soul searching, otherwise you will win no more elections. What do you believe in?
  • Date: 10/30/17 10:06 AM
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I don't object to the idea of going to Mars. At least not too much. I do think the money is better spent on robotic probes, but if it takes a manned mission to generate some excitement (and hopefully more funding for robotic missions as a
  • Date: 9/28/17 12:14 PM
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Rachel Maddow does a great job, as usual, of laying out the scope of the Russian problem:

Why did I post this here, when it has
  • Date: 9/28/17 11:18 AM
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It was a good show with complex characters. Sadly, episodes were released out of order, so nothing made sense. The movie Serenity did a great job of telling the main story and tying up loose ends.
  • Date: 9/18/17 9:36 AM
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But research in this area is a very good idea.

Agreed. We may come to a point where we need to create renewable-powered machines to suck the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and toss giant lumps of graphite into some ocean
  • Date: 9/15/17 4:04 PM
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I was pleased to note they've continued Trevor Noah's contract. After a bit of a rough start (understandable) the guy has become a worthy successor to Jon Stewart.
  • Date: 9/11/17 2:36 PM
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I'm quite convinced depopulation is going to be a result of climate change. Desperate people with nothing to lose are exceedingly dangerous. And we will have many such people as areas become uninhabitable.

It will happen
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Take me back to where I was.
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