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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/29/17 10:23 AM
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Science instructors teach both creationism and evolution, according to two parents of children who are currently attending or have attended the school.

They aren't 'science instructors' if they are teaching

  • Date: 3/27/17 7:09 PM
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What you also always fail to realize is that freedom and tyranny is a zero sum game. The more power you give to DC, the less freedom you have. Period, end of story. You cannot ask the federal gub'mint to do everything for you.
  • Date: 3/27/17 2:37 PM
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They will be working instead of being welfare weenies and queenies leeching off the taxpayers.
And paying taxes. ANd using commodities which will cause further employment.

I love how communist you are when it comes to
  • Date: 3/25/17 2:27 PM
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Any other attitude in a citizen is both base and servile.

aka, Republicans today. It's what defines the authoritarian mindset.
  • Date: 3/22/17 10:19 AM
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LOL This is what the left does. To make their position unassailable they will tell you it's a right or fair or social justice.

In this case, this poster is claiming that individuals have a right to shop any store they wish. This is

  • Date: 3/22/17 10:12 AM
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"The Republicans in power in Utah told me that social programs should not exist, they were “not the proper role of government,” "

I say that in public all of the time. Hell, I put it on my Facebook page
  • Date: 3/19/17 2:55 PM
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Wow! You really showed us! So basically, she duped all her ... viewers into watching a big nothing burger.

I will grant your complaint about the hype and I do consider it a mistake. In fact, if I have a complaint about Maddow in
  • Date: 3/19/17 12:02 AM
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And... there's always an option: if it's so much better everywhere else then LEAVE FOR WHERE IT IS BETTER! Nobody is keeping you here. Hell, I'm all for kicking out the people like you who keep wanting to make us what we are not. If
  • Date: 3/17/17 1:05 PM
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Watching America flail around with obvious policy decisions, pretending to "debate" from ideological straightjackets, is just becoming pathetic. Americans have been living in a bubble since the dawn of the country, and it's well past
  • Date: 3/17/17 12:34 PM
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I have difficulty imagining the political fallout from such a loss.

There will be political fallout from a win, too. ACA isn't exactly popular (though, ironically, it's more popular than Trump), but it's recognized as
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Take me back to where I was.
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