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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/7/05 10:41 AM
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Yet, you will hear claims again from the Whiny Left, that Iraq and Al-Qaida have 'nothing to do with each other!'

Are you devoid of a sense of chronology?

Certainly Iraq and Al-Qaida are linked now. That's Bush's fault.
  • Date: 1/11/11 11:04 AM
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In response to:

...where you're telling us to STFU about conservative rhetoric and the
  • Date: 12/20/05 10:21 AM
  • Number: 867715
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Why are you constantly working to undermine the government's ability to protect US citizens from terrorist attacks?

We aren't, that's your version of "have you stopped beating your wife?". We believe US citizens can be
  • Date: 7/20/04 10:36 PM
  • Number: 538284
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Or does he think, "aw, what the heck" and stares at her 0-0..... After all, Kerry is as liberal as they come.
Can't help but wonder.

Wow, that's a new low even for you LurkerMom. One wonders, are you really a Mom? If so,
  • Date: 7/11/11 8:17 PM
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Boehner contends, 'Our disagreement is over the idea of raising taxes on the very people that we’re asking to create jobs in our
  • Date: 10/28/05 11:19 AM
  • Number: 835986
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Seems like it's endless: say something bad about the war, and some Bushie will eventually remind you that some soldier is out there taking fire for your right to criticize and protest, implying you should either get on board, or shut up. Doesn't
  • Date: 8/26/04 2:06 PM
  • Number: 566335
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Kerry is here in Minnesota today, at a town-hall meeting of 300 invited undecided voters. It was broadcast live on MPR. The point of the venue was to have undecided voters bring their issues and ask him their tough questions.

  • Date: 2/14/09 9:36 AM
  • Number: 444604
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I knew that our country would now, thanks to the election of Obama/Pelosi/Reid would celebrate the incompetent, penalize the cautious and prudent, reward the slackers, and repay their union leader/green/global warming supporters....but I really
  • Date: 6/8/06 12:54 PM
  • Number: 950032
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It certainly hasn't taken long for some Bushies to predict "liberals" will be sad over al-Zarqawi's death. And then when few people make the entirely reasonable prediction that violence will continue, or that capturing al-Zarqawi would
  • Date: 6/30/05 12:31 AM
  • Number: 755509
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Well Bushies, here we are, driving the mountain pass. A semi just crossed the divider.

"Whoa! Head for the cliff!" you screamed.

"The cliff? It's a four lane highway. Take evasive action! There's plenty of
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Take me back to where I was.
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