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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/30/16 9:41 AM
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Every 26 months, there is a 20-day window for a launch to Mars, and that's it . . . the moon won't help.

  • Date: 11/30/16 12:40 AM
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Using the moon for resupply missions is another way to help get astronauts back from Mars.

No, it's not.
  • Date: 11/30/16 12:39 AM
  • Number: 2121503
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As far as space goes, you don't know a damn thing either.

If you think a moon space station will help with Mars missions, you're an idiot.
  • Date: 11/16/16 11:29 AM
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I heard another one last week from a manager of another department:

"It helps me with decisioning."

I heard a couple of others from him yesterday:

"There might be more information
  • Date: 11/10/16 1:24 PM
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I've had a job with full, company-paid health insurance since I was 20. It's called being a responsible adult.

Those jobs don't exist anymore because guys like Trump and Romney send them overseas.
  • Date: 11/10/16 9:31 AM
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I've never seen Christians so filled with glee at the prospect of cancelling people's health insurance in the middle of life-saving treatment. Thank you, Jesus!
  • Date: 11/9/16 9:31 AM
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Nate Silver
  • Date: 11/7/16 9:56 PM
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the Clintons are willing to kill to attain power

Just look at the way Monica L and Ken Starr and Gennifer Flowers were all killed.
  • Date: 11/7/16 5:31 PM
  • Number: 2115422
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- she sold her office to the highest bidder

Obama should have fired her. He knew about the private server. He should also be impeached for his total lack of supervision of HRC. His justice dept. is totally corrupt and
  • Date: 11/7/16 9:06 AM
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Clinton collects scandals like this as a hobby and drags them around with her like luggage.

The GOP has been investigating her for 30 years and can't find anything of substance, so they hope that by repeating
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Take me back to where I was.
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