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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/27/16 12:34 PM
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Back in the day, the good ol' boys down in Mississippi would have had this savage with a rope around his neck swinging from a tree branch by now.

But hey! Obama's the racist one.
  • Date: 8/27/16 10:33 AM
  • Number: 841157
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It must be a great organization if Trump donated $200,000 to it.
  • Date: 8/27/16 12:44 AM
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  • Date: 8/25/16 10:05 PM
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A woman who treated the nation's secrets so shabby the Director of the FBI described the treatment, "extremely careless" (the very definition of gross negligence), a woman who at the very, very least should and would not hold even a
  • Date: 8/24/16 9:34 AM
  • Number: 154330
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*we can judge a 40 year history of corruption
*we can judge that the 3am call came and she failed.
*we can judge that there are secrets out there that could possibly blackmail her into action to keep the secrets quiet.
*we can judge

  • Date: 8/24/16 9:32 AM
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Intelligent people tend to discount ridiculous stories like Adam & Eve and Noah's Ark.
  • Date: 8/24/16 9:31 AM
  • Number: 51196
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Unpack, as in, let me unpack this argument.

No, why don't you just explain it instead of pretending it's a physical product in a box.
  • Date: 8/24/16 9:27 AM
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you must be mad at me that i don't believe hilary's BS. i have had 40 years of it.

Ah, back when she helped take down your hero, the traitor Nixon.
  • Date: 8/22/16 11:19 PM
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Blah blah blah. Hillary was cleared because she is innocent, just like she is innocent of every crime she has ever been accused of by the lying GOP. But please, keep blathering.
  • Date: 8/22/16 10:03 PM
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Grown ups take responsibility for their own choices

And Hillary made a fine choice by using a perfectly legal email system to send non-classified material. That's why she was exonerated by the FBI.
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Take me back to where I was.
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